How to Fix 2024 Remote Call Procedure Failure? Error 1726

How to Fix Remote Call Procedure Failure: We all know that SFC and DISM are the tools that fix broken system files. When SFC can’t fix the problem, the DISM tool is used to fix errors in system files. Have you ever considered what happens when the DISM service stops or shows an error? Yes, a warning message is shown by the DISM service.

Many people see the DISM remote function as a call failure problem because it happens right before the DISM process ends. Well, a few things can cause Error 1726, which we’ll discuss in this piece, along with ways to fix it. Read this piece and try each option one at a time to fix the Remote Call Procedure Failure error.

What are the Reasons Behind Remote Call Procedure Failure?

I’ve found a few things that can cause a DISM remote process call to fail. Here are some of them:

Remote Procedure Call is an important service that is being turned off and isn’t working.
This mistake could cause a DISM program that was run before to fix damaged files to end without warning.
DISM could be getting in the way of other software on your computer, like a protection program.

Fix the Remote Procedure Call Failed Error?

If you get an error message saying “Remote procedure call failed” when you run DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth in Windows 10/8.1/8, do the following:

System File Checker can be used to look for and fix broken Windows system files. But if you run this tool, you might get some mistakes that stop the tool from starting and finishing properly. You might make these mistakes:

  • System File Checker SFC can’t fix member files that are broken.
  • Windows Resource Protection stopped working, and some problems were not fixed.
  • System File Checker is broken, won’t start, and can’t be fixed.
  • The repair service didn’t start because Windows Resource Protection couldn’t.

If these happen, try running System File Checker in Safe Mode or fixing Windows components to store DISM. But sometimes, when you try to fix Windows components to store DISM, the checking process stops at 20%, and an error happens.

Here are some ways to fix the Windows 8/8.1/10 remote process call field.

Fix 1. Change the Startup Type of the RPC Service

If error 1726 shows up, you can change how the remote process call service starts up. To do this, open the Service Manager and do the following:

How to Fix Remote Call Procedure Failure? Error 1726

  • Press the Windows + X key and type services.msc, then OK.
  • Double-click on the service called Remote Procedure Call (RPC).
  • Now, ensure that the service is running and that the starting type is automatic. If it isn’t, press the start button to start it.
  • You can find and double-click the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator service.

How to Fix Remote Call Procedure Failure? Error 1726

  • This service is a manager for COM and DCOM hosts’ service control.
  • Object activation requests for COM and DCOM clients to resolve object exporters and share trash collection.
  • Then, make sure its starting type is manual, and click the start button to start the service.
  • This service will help you find a program that fits your needs.

Fix 2. Change the Value of the RpcSc Registry Key

Change the value of the RpcSc registry key to fix DISM error 1726. To do this, open the registry manager. To change the number, do the following:

How to Fix Remote Call Procedure Failure? Error 1726

  • Press the Windows + R key, type regedit click OK.

Go to the registry key:


How to Fix Remote Call Procedure Failure? Error 1726

  • Find the Start registry DWORD (REG_DWORD) on the right side of the RpcSs registry key. It can be set to 4.
  • If you double-click the DWORD, you can change its value:
  • Now, change the Value data to 2 and click OK.
  • Close Registry Editor, and then restart your computer.

Run the DISM tool again after restarting your machine to see if the remote procedure call failure error is gone.

Fix 3. Temporarily Disable Windows Search Service

Many users have found that using the DISM command to temporarily turn off the Windows Search service has helped fix the Remote Call Procedure Failure. Even if the DISM process stops the search service, you can finish the process.

  • Type Windows + R, then press “services.msc” and click OK.
  • On the Services screen, double-click Windows Search Service.
  • In Windows Search Properties, select the General tab, then click the Stop button.
  • This will stop the services from running for a short period.
  • Now, run the DISM command again.
  • If the Windows Search Service error 1726 occurs, the Check will be complete without errors.

Fix 4. Update Windows

The best way to fix any problem of Remote Call Procedure Failure is to see if there are any new versions of Windows. You protect Windows from threats from harmful software or malware by keeping it up-to-date.

There is a chance that your computer has a virus or other malware, which could cause you to get DISM error 1726. Follow the steps below to update Windows by hand:

How to Fix Remote Call Procedure Failure? Error 1726

  • Click the Windows button, then go to Settings and Press Update & Security.

How to Fix Remote Call Procedure Failure? Error 1726

  • Click Check for changes after you have chosen Windows Update.


So that’s it. Here are some ways to fix the problem:Remote Call Procedure Failure” when using the DISM command on Windows 10/8.1/8. The DISM tool checks the system to make it healthy again, but if it gets broken or warns, it’s hard to fix damaged files. But to keep DISM from giving you problems, try the above methods individually.

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