Topaz Video AI v5.1.3 Latest Software With Trackerror 2024

Topaz Video AI with TrackError is trained on thousands of videos and will enhance and enlarge your footage to resolutions up to 16K/8K while maintaining motion consistency and true details. The Video Enhance AI App uses intelligent AI technology to be the most powerful upscaling ever released.

Video upscaling is a traditional method that simply distorts the resolution and destroys details. It has never been possible to achieve perfect upscaling. recreate a high-resolution video From low-resolution video… until now.

  • Train
  • Learn
  • Optimise

Video Enhance AI By: Topaz It is the best way to make good footage great. You may have wished that your video looked sharper and had more details. You can use HD footage up to 16K in high-quality productions.

What is Topaz Video AI Tool?

You can convert your videos from SD to HD and enjoy a dramatic improvement in quality. This is perfect for old footage you’d like to use in a new way. This is the only AI-powered commercial app designed specifically for video upsampling. The AI is trained on thousands of videos and uses frames of information in order to improve quality. Nowhere else will you find better results for upscaling.

Up until now, there was no commercially available deep-learning-based video enlargement product. Topaz Video Enhance AI uses machine learning to extract detail from footage, giving it a realistic appearance. Video Enhance AI produces output that is superior to any other product.

It was trained by analysing thousands of video pairs and learning how to lose details. Topaz AI can extract more detail than Giapixel AI, which is used for photos.

Just a few button clicks will render your video into beautiful, high-resolution footage. No complicated tools or processes are required; simply follow a few easy steps to get your footage ready.

Topaz Video AI v5.1.3

New Features

  • Frame Gen: You can easily match cameras with different frame rates or create slow-motion effects. Models such as Apollo and Chronos add extra frames to playback for ultra-smoothness.
  • Aion AI Model: Interpolation up to 16x frames per second allows for unmatched slow-motion effects.
  • Chronos AI Model: Enjoy smooth conversions from 24 fps up to 60 fps and even beyond.
  • Post-Production Stabilisation: Eliminate distracting camera shaking to maintain focus on your subject. Stabilise images and recover details lost due to unwanted movement. Reduce motion blur and slow shutter effects.
  • Instant 16K upscaling: You can easily increase the resolution of your content without compromising its quality. Video AI boosts resolution without the artefacts that are typically associated with upscaling. With video AI, you can achieve stunning up to 8K and 16K resolutions with outstanding visual clarity.
  • Crash Recovery: You can resume your work quickly and easily after a system restart, a power outage, or an unexpected crash. This will ensure minimal disruption of your workflow.
  • Streamlined user interface: Enjoy a new, intuitive interface that puts your footage first, providing a seamless editing process with a greater focus on your vision.

Pros And Cons


  • Upscaling to 8K/16K in high quality
  • AI for realistic detail
  • Post-production stabilisation
  • Chronos AI and Aion Model
  • Easy-to-use interface


System Requirements

  • Windows Operating System: 10 (the most recent version is recommended).
  • CPU: Intel or AMD with AVX2 instructions
  • RAM (System Memory): 16 GB (32 GB or more is recommended).
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX900 series or above, 6GB VRAM
  • Graphics Card: Radeon 500 series or above, 6GB VRAM
  • Intel ARC A750 Graphics Card
  • CPU Release Date: 2016 and Newer


The cost of a lifetime license is $299.00 USD.

What’s included in my purchase?

You will receive two seats of standalone and plugins on both Mac and Windows along with 12 month upgrades. Our product can be reinstalled and downloaded at any time.

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