Gammadyne Mailer 69.0 Latest Version 2024

Gammadyne Mailer is a software essential for automating email marketing for businesses and other email operations. Email marketing without automation is inefficient, slow, and tedious. Gammadyne Emailer automates three key tasks to solve these problems: sending emails, receiving emails, and list management.

You can save thousands of dollars by using desktop software such as the Gammadyne Mailer App instead of email services that charge per email. No monthly or per-email fees are charged. Renting a mail server, which relays emails for a small fee per month, is all you need. You can also use the email server included with your website. Mailer is the only solution that works for large mailing lists.

What is Gammadyne Mailer?

Gammadyne Emailer for Windows PC can also track opens and clicks, giving you a wealth of marketing information. Marketing success is dependent on knowing your customers. You can see, with the tracking report, how each recipient responded to the message. You’ll also be able to determine where they live and which language they prefer. You can then focus your marketing on the most promising prospects and increase sales.

Features and Highlights

  • Sending an email: Your response rate will increase dramatically if you send personalised emails. Manually creating and personalising each email would require a lot of effort. Gammadyne Mailer only requires you to specify a template for your message and a mailing list. The mailing list may be stored in a CSV file, an Excel sheet, a plain text file, or a database.
  • Email: It can be difficult to deal with an overwhelming number of opt-outs and bounce-backs. This software can automate these and other types of emails to save you time and effort.
  • List management: The program includes all the tools necessary to manipulate your mailing list. It’s never been easier to add, change, or remove addresses. Gammadyne Mailer allows you to edit mailing lists directly in the database. No importing or exporting is required.

What’s new?


  • Fixed: Send Log: the project filename at the top was not supporting unicode.
  • Fixed: Email Send Log To: if more than one recipient was specified, the log would appear as garbage for all but the first recipient.
  • Fixed: the prohibition on declaring a variable name that is the same as a database column name was not enforced in the Pre-Send Script.
  • Fixed: when there is an error in a personalized Attached Files List, and the “Ignore Errors In Attached Files List” box is unchecked, the Rejection Summary was erroneously listing the entire error message rather than just the Rejection Keyword.
  • Fixed: Scheduler: the Next Run and Last Run columns where not sorting correctly. Also, they now support the system’s “Time & Language” settings better. Also, the table will now re-sort after the Edit Task window closes.
  • Fixed: Clauses Table: the drop-down list of the “Column” column would fail to show the database columns if the “Simple-Merge” box was checked.
  • Fixed: when upgrading a project older than 62.0 to G-Merge 2.0, non-ASCII characters were potentially being corrupted in an HTML or Text Body File if the file’s character set differed from the system default.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent the Scheduler from launching at bootup.
  • Fixed: G-Merge: mime_strip_attachments(): when specifying one or more extensions, this was not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Body Criteria: the “Use Bounce-Back Defaults” and “Use Soft-Bounce Defaults” tools were not handling the presence of a Byte Order Mark, and were putting the editbox in ASCII mode.
  • Fixed: Tracking: Export Recipients to CSV: if the second dialog was canceled, the export file would be deleted, and a temporary file would remain on the hard drive.
  • Fixed: Preview Window: if multiple recipients are selected, and the Test Send tool is launched, then later all emails are sent, those selected recipients except the one with focus would lose their CC: and BCC: headers. Special thanks to Theo Davis.
  • Fixed: the “Limit Email Size” option will no longer delete the email when using the Preview Incoming tool.
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