Ashampoo WinOptimizer (Full Version 27.00.01) Latest 2024

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a powerful system optimisation tool. It cleans your hard drives and keeps your computer running at a constant rate. The program also allows you to customise Windows and protect your privacy. The application includes about 30 tools, including three cleaning modules. These cover maintenance, tweaking, and system analysis. It also offers performance boosts as well as file processing (encryption and splitting).

What is Ashampoo WinOptimizer?

Ashampoo WinOptimizer It is the best way to optimise and protect your computer. It fixes errors and provides stable performance. It fixes the problems with Windows, resulting in a cleaner, faster, and more efficient system. It’s easy to set up with its many automatic features.

  • New technology in automation modules and greater options for setting individual parameters
  • Improved Live Tuner for faster application launch
  • Optimised processor and memory efficiency using custom booster profiles
  • Crash Analyzer Detect hidden Windows crashes and error reports.
  • Auto-Clean removes more files when they are no longer required.
  • How to safely delete empty folders
  • New cleaner profiles that support the latest Windows and browser versions
  • Windows GodMode with a click of a button
  • WinOptimizer It is a software package that improves Windows PC performance, privacy, and cleanliness. The software offers an analysis of the system during startup, which provides various options to optimise and clean the operating system directly from the start screen. The cleaner modules built into the program are very effective at removing web browsing traces and temporary files, as well as leftovers left over from uninstalling software. The latest version is a record-breaking performer.

Auto-Cleaning, Live-Tuner, and Game-Booster are additional features that ensure a cleaner system, improved program launches, and enhanced gaming experiences. The software offers a condensed yet current overview of the system through data-rich dashboards, which serve as shortcuts to important modules. The tweaking module allows Windows customisation and compatibility with Windows 11 to be personalised.

Privacy Traces Cleaner is included to remove privacy-related data. A new question-based tuning tool for customised system optimisation is also included. The popular 1-Click Optimizer bundles four modules to achieve superior cleaning results. It also uses the Windows Notification Centre, which provides seamless status updates.

The overall performance and presentation of information have improved across all 30 WinOptimizer modules are accompanied by new features.

  • Privacy Traces Cleaner helps you efficiently locate and delete sensitive data.
  • Tuning Assistant allows you to customise Windows for your needs.
  • Four powerful cleaners for one-click optimisation
  • A comprehensive system analysis provides detailed information with improved visual clarity.
  • Super-fast cleaners with advanced search algorithms and super-fast cleaners will help you achieve faster cleaning results.
  • The Windows Notification Centre allows you to receive program notifications.
  • Use Drive Cleaner to customise file filters.
  • Improved browser handling in Internet Cleaner for better performance
  • Cleaners now supports browser profiles to enhance customisation.
  • Uninstall Windows applications with UnInstall Manager 2.
  • UnInstall Manager has a brand new look.
  • Process Manager’s Tree View helps you manage processes efficiently.
  • Review SVHOST processes for better control.
  • Create and print reports that look modern with ease.
  • Use the updated SSD Wizard for detailed information and improved handling.
  • Windows 11 is fully compatible with all features.

Windows is a good product, but it could be even better! It takes care of it! Over time, operating systems slow down, have errors, and accumulate junk files. Many times, important settings are either not available or hidden deep within the system. Windows 10/11, in particular, is notorious for its tendency to call home.

Highlights and features

  • Cutting-edge cross-browser cookie management: Internet cookies can be convenient, but they also pose privacy issues. With the innovative cookie manager, you can manage cookies safely across all browsers. You can easily distinguish between intrusive and essential cookies. This allows you to preserve login sessions while removing privacy-invading cookies. Wildcard support allows you to mark entire domains safe in all browsers. Settings can also be exported or imported so that devices can be transferred seamlessly.
  • The Comprehensive Modules: Beyond Cleaners and Optimizers: It is more than just a cleaner and an optimizer. Modules that are usually sold separately include Process Manager, which provides a detailed overview of processes running; Privacy Manager, for enhanced privacy protection and desktop organisation; Icon Saver, for desktop organisation; and File Wiper, for secure data deletion. WinOptimizer has over 30 tools that cover the full spectrum of system tuning, cleaning, and optimisation.
  • Advanced Privacy Protection with Privacy Tracks Cleaner: Privacy Traces Cleaner uses specialised search algorithms that scan files, folders, and the Windows Registry to find privacy-compromising traces. It eliminates them after you review and confirm.
  • Easy System Monitoring with Streamlined Analysis: The new system analysis gives you instant insight at a glance. You’ll be able to see everything from CPU usage and disc usage to data on privacy, such as information provided by Privacy Traces Cleaner. Expand the program window to see additional details about your system, such as the number of unnecessary files and services, registry entries, and possible disc space reclamation. The system analysis provides you with the information that you need.
  • Easy Windows Optimisation with Tuning Assistant: WinOptimizer’s Tuning Assistant simplifies Windows optimization. It tailors the optimisations to faster, more discrete, and more secure performance by asking simple questions. Windows can be customised with confidence and ease.
  • Windows Notification Centre integration is seamless: This app integrates seamlessly with the Windows Notification Centre to keep you updated on important updates. You’ll still receive notifications when time-consuming analysis is completed, even if the app is minimized. While you are focusing on other tasks, let One Click Optimizer and File Wiper work in the background. You can customise the frequency and timing of notifications.
  • Improved Cleaners for Energy and Efficiency: Privacy Traces Cleaner is now included in the cleaners, adding a comprehensive four-way cleaning capability. All junk files, web browsing tracks, invalid registry entries, and privacy-sensitive data are targeted. Enjoy near-instantaneous detection and results. Filter files to increase the number of file types supported. These cleaners have been optimised to work with modern Windows versions and web browsers.
  • Manager Modules Enhanced with Improved Features: UnInstall Manager 2 can now handle Windows apps. It offers a new interface, smart filters, and additional tools for safer and faster application removal. Process Manager displays SVHOST processes and offers an optional tree view. SSD Wizard offers valuable insights that can help extend drive life and improve performance. The reports in all modules have a new, modern look, which enhances usability.


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Pros And Cons

Interface that is easy to use
Comprehensive system optimisation
Privacy protection is important.
Powerful disc cleaning capabilities
Reliable performance-boosting
The free version is limited to certain features.
Pop-up notifications are occasionally displayed.
High resource usage during scans

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System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 7
  • Requirements: All devices that support the operating systems listed below. Supported systems do not include ARM-based processors.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer offers a powerful tool to optimise your Windows system and maintain its performance. It has a wide range of features, including system maintenance, optimisation, and customisable settings.

WinOptimizer, on the whole, is a good choice if you want to maximise your computer performance, keep your system healthy, and have more control over it. While this tool may improve your system’s efficiency, you should always back up all of your data before making any significant changes

Note: 10 day trial. You can try the program for 30 more days if you register by email.

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