PC Repair (New Version 1.0.3) For Windows Latest 2024

Description Of PC Repair

PC Repair performs a full system checkup, locating any junk files, issues that slow down your system, or causes of system or application glitches and crashes. After extensive testing and research, it has developed precise methods for locating problems that can be removed without damaging the operating system.


This app created the cleaning module for the PC Repair app in order to remove all kinds of PC junk. These include unneeded system files and user temporary files. It can help reclaim a few gigabytes on a typical PC.

It uses precision tools, like an experienced surgeon, to remove corrupt keys and invalid Windows registry entries. It has been tested to ensure that the software fixes most glitches and crashes and restores smooth and stable performance without side effects.

Windows Computer Repair tweaks system settings that are not optimal to speed up most processes and operations. It adjusts the internet connection settings to ensure smooth browsing and faster downloads.

The majority of us worry about our personal information falling into the wrong hands. This data, which is invisible to you but accessible by hackers, is stored on your computer when you enter credit card numbers or passwords. The tools for privacy were included to help you eliminate traces of activity and protect your sensitive information.

Main Features

Outbyte PC Repair can be used to fix a wide range of system problems and optimise your PC’s performance. It also protects privacy and ensures security. Thanks to its extensive range of features, you can be sure that your computer will be in good hands.

  • System Maintenance: It can automatically scan and fix over a hundred issues that could cause system failure or slow performance. The tool fixes problems, such as invalid redirects or shared DLLs.
  • Performance Optimizer: You can get insights into the performance of your computer and identify issues that could affect its speed. View the CPU load, RAM, and hard drive write and read speeds. This will help you get the best performance out of your computer.
  • Disc Cleanup: Over time, temporary files and cached information can clog your hard drive. This will slow down your computer. By identifying these files and removing them, it can help free up disc space.
  • Privacy Protection: This program has features that protect your privacy and security when browsing the internet. It can remove tracking cookies and warn of potentially dangerous websites to help you stay safe on the internet.
  • Vulnerability detection: You can use it to scan for outdated updates and vulnerabilities that could make your computer vulnerable to malware or other security threats. Windows allows you to enable or disable certain features that help maintain your system’s stability and security.
  • Real-time Optimization: Real-time boost can automatically adjust the CPU processor time so that your program have all the processing power you need at any given moment. You can control the priority of certain apps to improve performance.
  • Privacy Control: Disable Windows telemetry and clear browser history and cookies to maintain your privacy.
  • Secure File Removal: File Shredder securely deletes files in the recycle bin without any chance of recovery by third-party applications. It helps protect your sensitive data.
  • Outbyte Computer Repair is a comprehensive computer repair service: This tool can be used to address various system issues, improve the performance of your computer, and enhance your privacy and security. You can be sure that your computer will run smoothly and securely with features like real-time optimisation and secure file removal. The tool is not intended to replace an antivirus program. It’s designed to work in conjunction with it.
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How to Use PC repair Tool

  • Install the software on your computer or laptop.
  • Launch the app.
  • Click on the “Scan” button to start a scan of your system for problems such as outdated drivers, junk files, security vulnerabilities, and other system issues.
  • Review the results after the scan is complete.
  • Click on “rrepair” to fix any issues found during the scan.
  • Restart your computer after the repair is complete.

This is what it means to be bilingual. Backup important files. Before using the repair feature, please read this guide.

Pros And Cons

Techniques for removing issues safely
Frees disc space by cleaning PC junk
Registry Cleanup: Removes invalid keys and corrupted entries
Weaks non-optimal system settings for improved performance
Protect your personal information with privacy tools.
Improves computer responsiveness and speed
Easy-to-use interface and activation procedure
It is not a replacement for an antivirus program.
Apps crash and cannot be automatically repaired.
The trial version scans only and does not repair.

Final Words

OutbytePC Repair helps you identify and fix performance problems that could be affecting your PC. It has features like system issue detection, clean-up, and performance optimization. can also help to ensure your computer is running efficiently and securely.

PC repair should not be used as a substitute for antivirus software, but to enhance it. By using this app in conjunction with an anti-virus, you can improve the health and performance of your computer.

Note: The trial version does not repair the computer but only shows its performance, problems, and malware. Trial restriction: free by-category test for at least two days. You can fix all detected items in each category during the free trial. Full version: starting at $29.95 for a 3-month membership.

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