GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device

Sometimes, like in GTA 5, I don’t particularly appreciate being GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen. Like you, I’ve had this problem a few times already, sometimes after restarting the GTA 5 game and other times after updating it. They might be related. It could be more unpleasant and take a lot of time, so I wanted it to go away. So, I tried out the fixes and answers and made a list of the ones that worked best. They worked for me, and they may work for you as well. Also, save the page as a favorite because this issue keeps happening.

Why does GTA 5 keep showing the waiting screen?

GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen screen for several reasons, but the main ones are issues connecting to the server and using old tools and programs. But here are some other common things that cause the endless opening screen:

  • Invalid login credentials
  • Memory-related issues
  • Software-related issues

These things can also cause the “GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen story mode PC” problem that has been noted.

⭐️Before you start using the answers we’ve put together for you, make sure of the following:

  • Your computer has the bare necessities to run GTA 5.
  • Your stuff is up to date.
  • Make sure that the version of the game you are using is real.
  • You have a wire link instead of WiFi.
  • Make sure that the link speeds your ISP gives you are fast. When I had this problem with my old one, one way to get rid of the endless GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen was to switch internet service providers (ISPs).

How do I get GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen?

If you get GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen, make sure that all of your apps, processes, and services are up to date, as well as your drivers and the game itself. There are many ways to fix the issue where GTA 5 gets stuck on the loading screen. These work the best:

1. Pause the GTA 5.exe Temporarily

If you leave the game for a few minutes and then come back to it, the room will be empty right away. It might fix the problem where GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen. In order to:

  • Get to Task Manager by pressing Shift + Ctrl + Esc.
  • Click on Open Resource Monitor on the Performance tab.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • Access the Network tab in Resource Monitor, right-click GTAV.exe, and then click the Suspend Process button in the window that appears.
  • Wait 15 seconds, then right-click GTAV.exe and choose “Resume Process.” In the new window that appears, click the button that says “Resume Activity.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • Stop using Task Manager and Resource Monitor.
  • Make sure the problem GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen is fixed by going back to your game.

2. Update Graphics Drivers

Make sure your graphics driver is up to date so that all of your games, including GTA V, run smoothly. You may either go to the website of your driver’s manufacturer or follow the procedures below:

  • To get to the Quick Access Menu, right-click on the Start Menu.
  • From the list, click on Device Manager.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • To make the list bigger, double-click the Display Adapters group.
  • Right-click on the name of the graphics card that you want to use.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • To get new drivers, go to Update Driver and then Search instantly for drivers.
  • If there is an update, it will instantly download and run itself.
  • After that, restart your computer to have the modifications take effect.

Outbyte Driver Updater can be used to automatically update any driver, even drivers that are ready for games. This piece of software will find the best driver for your PC and put it in. This way, you can focus on playing GTA 5 without making any mistakes.

3. Update GTA 5

A problem where the GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen might be because the game is out of date. So, it would be best if you made the changes right away. This choice may not be available if you are not using the Rockstar Games Launcher. You should also update it by hand on Steam or Epic, as shown below. You can also set up regular changes and fix the problem where GTA Online keeps loading forever.

  • Go to the Library in the Steam app.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • From the list on the left, click on GTA 5.
  • The program will look for an update on its own. Click on Update if there is one.
  • It might take a while for the fix to come through.
  • Close the Steam app when you’re done.
  • To see the changes, restart your PC.
  • Launch the game again.

The following steps should be taken if your games are not updating themselves:

  • Pick up the game and click on “Properties.”
  • Click on the Updates tab and then choose the following options:

4. Verify Game Files

Some problems, like GTA Online opening forever, can also be caused by game files that are damaged or missing. Either through Steam or Epic Games, make sure the game files are correct. To complete this:

🕹As for Steam

  • Close GTA 5 and open Steam Library.
  • To get to GTA 5, right-click it and choose “Properties.”
  • Pick “Check the integrity of game files” from the list that comes up.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • Wait until the process of proof is over.

🕹For the Game Epic

  • Leave GTA 5 and go to the Epic Games library.
  • Press the three dots next to GTA 5.
  • Select “Verify” from the menu.
  • Wait until the process of proof is over.

Rockstar Launcher

  1. Start up the Rockstar Games Launcher.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on “My installed games” on the left and pick “Grand Theft Auto V.”
  4. When asked to verify the security of the game file, click on the “Verify Integrity” button.

Note: Make sure to wait a few minutes for the verification process to finish, and then try to start the game again after restarting your PC.

5. Load GTA 5 into the Story Mode

It is a way I often use when this problem comes up. You should be able to utilize it as well. From the story mode, it’s easier to get to the online game. But if GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen while starting story mode. If you want to play story mode, go online first and then switch to story mode.

  • To get to the game screen, press the ESC key on your computer. It works whether you are in story mode or online mode.
  • Navigate to the menu on the left after clicking on the Settings tab.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • Pick the “Save and restart” choice next.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • Remove or turn off the “Start page” choice if asked.
  • When you choose “Load into story mode,” the game will start in story mode by itself.

You can also go to the home page, press ESC to open the menu, click Online, and then click Start GTA Online to choose Story mode by hand. After that, you can choose the session mode you want to use.

6. Perform a Clean Boot

A clean boot could fix many game problems like GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen. If you need help, this start choice is great because it doesn’t need any extra software to work.

  • To open the Run box, press the Windows + R keys together.
  • Just type msconfig and press Enter to get to System Configuration.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • Tap on “Services” and check the box next to “Hide all Microsoft services.”
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • To save the changes, tap”Apply” and then “OK.”
  • Press the Open Task Manager button on the Startup tab.
GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen: Fix It On Your Device
  • Press the Start button in Task Manager.
  • To remove a program from the starting process, click on the program that has the most effect on it and then click on Disable.
  • Do step 7 again for each program that slows down starting more.
  • Next, turn your machine back on to make the changes take effect.

7. Update your Windows

While some people might say that changing Windows isn’t a good idea, it could be just what you need because it can fix some interface problems and bring your drivers up to date. To make Windows more up-to-date, do these things:

  1. Go to the Windows settings.
  2. To check for updates, press Windows Update and then click on it.
  3. Just click on Download and Install.

8. Check your internet connection

If you get GTA 5 Stuck On Loading Screen Online, it could be because of your internet link. Check your ping to see if the internet is fine. Using the first MS checker that you can find online makes it easy to do that. You should also change your internet service provider (ISP) if this problem happens in other games as well.

9. Reinstall the game

It is the worst thing that could happen. As you can see, installing GTA 5 again takes some time. But it’s worth it because the game is still fun and has lots of things to do even after a few weeks.

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Final Thoughts

It cannot be very pleasant to have to wait for the loading screen to end, especially if you are trying to play GTA 5 with friends. These ideas helped you get GTA 5 to load. If you have this problem again, make sure to check for any changes that are due and then update everything, from your OS to your drivers. In the area below, please leave a question, message, or idea. We’re on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, too!

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