PotPlayer For Windows Version 1.7.22227 (64-bit) Latest 2024

PotPlayer is a multimedia player that supports different video formats and codecs. Daum PotPlayer includes codecs and eliminates the need for manual installations. It supports digital TV, webcams, analogues, DXVA, and live broadcasts.

What is PotPlayer?

PotPlayer is a powerful multimedia player from Daum Communications. It is suitable for casual users as well as enthusiasts. It has a simple interface with a wide range of features to meet the needs of different media players.


  • Improved hardware acceleration: Use advanced technologies like DXVA and CUDA to optimise performance while minimising resource consumption. Unlock your hardware’s full potential.
  • Immersive viewing experience in 3D: With support for 3DTVs, PCs, and 3D glasses, you can enjoy a 3D experience at any time. You can choose from multiple output formats, including Side by Side (Side by Side), Top and Bottom (Top and Bottom), and Page Flipping.
  • Support for Extensive Subtitle Format: Access a variety of subtitle formats, including SMI (SRT), DVD (Vobsub), Bluray, ASS/SSA Animation, and SMI Ruby Tags. Subtitles that are accurate and attractive will enhance your viewing experience.
  • User-Friendly Management and Versatile Codec Compatibility: Installing codecs is no longer a hassle. OpenCodec is built-in and allows users to add codecs as desired for seamless playback.
  • Wide Format Support: It is compatible with a wide range of audio and video files.
  • Customisable interface: Users can customise their viewing experience with skins, themes, and layouts.
  • Playback controls: Daum PotPlayer offers a comprehensive set of playback controls, including subtitle synchronisation and an audio equaliser.
  • Support for 3D and 360-degree video: The player’s rich features allow users to easily enjoy 3D videos and 360-degree videos, resulting in a multimedia experience that is immersive.
  • Multi-screens and sound cards: This software is designed for users who have specific needs and require the ability to play multiple media files at once on different screens, as well as route audio to various sound cards.
  • Features that are advanced and convenient: Enjoy smooth, uninterrupted video playback using advanced features. Use Direct3D9 in Flip Mode, Overlay, and Direct3D9 for enhanced visuals. Audio output can be selected from multiple sound cards. Mark your favourite scenes or chapters to make navigation easier. Compatible with DVD players, HDTVs, and other devices.

Pros And Cons


  • Audio and video files can be viewed in a wide format.
  • The interface is user-friendly and customisable.
  • Features include advanced playback controls, extensive playback controls, and advanced features.
  • Immersive video experience with 3D and 360-degree support.
  • Advanced users can benefit from multiple screens and sound cards.


  • Only compatible with Windows operating systems. Limited availability.
  • Online content is not supported by streaming.

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PotPlayer offers a wide range of multimedia features. It is suitable for both media enthusiasts and casual users. It is limited to Windows and lacks streaming functionality, but it’s still a good choice for anyone looking for a feature-rich and reliable multimedia player.

PotPlayer is a media player that allows you to enjoy your favourite movies, music, or 3D videos.

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