Folder Colorizer 4.1.4 For Windows 11 Latest 2024

Folder Colorizer adds a Colour-Changer option to the Context Menu. This allows you to right-click on a folder and change its color. It doesn’t get any easier to add colours to Windows folders. You may have asked, “How do I change the icon of a folder on PC?” or “How can I colourize my Windows 11/10 folders?” Here is your answer!

The app is not a separate interface but rather integrated into the context menu. It’s as simple as right-clicking on a folder and then selecting a colour from the Colourize menu. Clicking on Colours will allow you to change your folder colorizer settings.

Below the list are the options to add more colors. You can change a colour by clicking the ‘x” in the upper right corner. Select a colour from the wheel and click +Add colour to add it. Folder Colorizer Pro has the option to restore your folder back to its original yellow. This app lets you select any colour to use for your folders.

FolderColorizer allows you to quickly and easily target important data or research. It doesn’t impact system performance and works on all Windows versions. The app doesn’t need to be running to maintain the new colors. This means that the computer’s performance won’t be affected.

Colourize boring images in just 0.67 seconds.
Have you ever wanted to change the colour of folders based on their type, priority, or other labels? Windows PC makes it very difficult to change the colour of folders. In the context menu, you can now change a folder’s colour by right-clicking on it. It’s never been easier to add colour to Windows folders.

All the colours of the world
It has a built-in colour editor. Now it supports HEX colour code. With 16 million colours available, adding a personal touch is easy. It’s much more pleasing to have a folder in the colour you love.

Make folders stand out.
You may need to find a folder frequently and urgently. You may have found yourself sifting through folders and not being able to find the one you were looking for. It allows you to distinguish between your boring folders.

Features of Folder Colorizer

  • Simple Colour Selection: It has an intuitive interface, which allows you to choose and apply colours quickly. You can choose the colour of a folder by right-clicking on it.
  • Custom colour options: You can choose from a wide range of colours that are predefined, or you can create your own custom colours based on your branding or personal preferences.
  • Colour your batch folders: Save time by colouring multiple folders at once. Save time by applying the same colour to several folders at once.
  • Integrate with Windows Explorer: This software integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer and is a natural extension to your file management workflow.
  • Undo and Reset: You can undo any changes you make or restore the default colours of folders at any time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive interface allows both novices and experts to quickly understand its functionality.
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