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EXPERTool, developed by GPU manufacturer Gainward to serve all the OC needs of their customers, is also a versatile app that can be used with a wide variety of other strong>Nvidia/strong>/a> GPU models made by other manufacturers. This versatile app was developed by GPU manufacturer Gainward in order to meet the OC requirements of their customers. It can also be used on a variety of GPU models from other manufacturers.

What is EXPERTool?

EXPERTool can be installed online using an automated installer on modern desktop or laptop PCs that are running the latest generations of Nvidia graphics cards. The app is installed in the taskbar and provides access to the main dashboard as well as other GPU-related destinations, such as the Desktop Information Panel, Display Properties Utility, and Information App. The main dashboard is where the app’s functionality lies.

The dashboard of EXPERTool has a unique and eye-catching interface that looks like an instrument panel on a futuristic car. The central diagnosis measurement of the GPU’s state is displayed as car dials that display the GPU memory and core clocks. Small displays are also added for GPU temperature and fan use. In the right-hand corner, there are five user-configurable pre-sets. On the left, you will find five main configuration buttons: Setting Status, Bios, and Info. Restore and Information are the main configuration buttons on the left side.

This overclocking is hidden behind a large blue button in the middle section of the dashboard. By pressing this button, users will be taken to a new page where they can access pre-built OC presets, such as OC Mode (such as OC Mode), Game Mode (such as Silent Mode), and two user-configurable OC presets. They also have full access to the overclocking sliders, including GPU clock offset and memory clock offset.

Pros And Cons


  • Nvidia GPU Overclocking Utility: A Powerful Tool for Nvidia GPUs
  • Windows OS versions are modernised and free.
  • User interface that looks like the futuristic dashboard of a car
  • Compatible with a variety of Nvidia graphics cards, including the RTX40 Series.


  • Compatible only with Nvidia graphics cards, not AMD or any other GPU manufacturer.
  • If not used correctly, it may void the warranty or cause damage to hardware.
  • Some users may find it confusing at first to see a non-standard user interface.

Final Word:

EXPERTool supports all Windows OS versions and is free. GPU compatibility is available for all Nvidia graphics card series, including those produced by Gainward or other manufacturers. This includes the RTX40 series that will be released at the end of 2022.

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