How to Record YouTube Videos on Xbox 2024 Full Guide

If you like playing computer games, And You Like to Record YouTube videos, you already know that writing down and talking about your experiences can be as fun as playing the games themselves.

Today, we’ll show you how to record and share gameplay videos from your Xbox to YouTube. The Xbox is a great gaming tool. This detailed guide will help you reach your goals, whether they are to entertain your viewers, show off your gaming skills, or give well-informed reviews of games.

This article will explain how to screen games on your Xbox in great depth and also show you EaseUS RecExperts, a powerful recording tool that can help you make more interesting videos. Let’s jump right in and learn about the cool world of making YouTube videos on your Xbox.

How do you Record YouTube Videos on Xbox?

Before we Trackerror the specifics, let’s go over why you might want to Record YouTube Videos on your Xbox. You can record your Xbox games if you’re a serious gamer, a budding content maker, or if you want to share your favorite gaming moments with your friends. You can use it to show off your skills, review games, or make content that people will find interesting.

Record YouTube Videos on Xbox with Voice

You’ll require:

  • A device for Xbox
  • A microphone or headset for recording voice
  • A continuous link to the internet
  • For extra benefits and online gaming, you need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold.

Other Quick Steps:

Step 1. Visit the game bar.

Press the Xbox button on your controller to get to the directions. In the “Capture & Share” menu, pick “Start Recording.”

Step 2. Launch Your Game

Start up the game you want to record.

Step 3. Make Gameplay Videos

Once the game starts, press the “Record” button to start recording. You can also record your words if you want to add comments to your movie.

Step 4. Finish recording

To stop recording, press the “Stop Recording” button. The video you record will be saved.

Step 5. Edit and Share

In the Game Bar, go to “Recent captures” to find your recorded clips. After that, you can change things about your video, add voiceovers, and share it on YouTube or another site.

Check out this YouTube movie that shows you how to use visual advice. Here are some important points in time from the video:

  • 0:00 – Getting to the Game Bar
  • 1:15: The recording of the game starts.
  • Voice-over is added at 2:45.

How to Record YouTube Videos on Xbox One for a Long Time?

You require:

  • A game console called Xbox One
  • (It’s suggested for longer records.) an outside storage device


Set Up Storage

Make sure there is enough room on your computer or a portable hard drive. For longer records, you need more space.

Change settings

Press “Preferences” and then “Capture & share” and then “Capture settings” on your Xbox. Here, you can change the recording time for a single clip up to 10 minutes. If you want to record more, use the “Record what happened” tool.

Start the recording

  • After starting your game, use the recording method that was already described.
  • Following these steps will allow you to record your Xbox games for a long time.

FAQs with Screen Record Steam Deck

Now that you know how to record YouTube videos on an Xbox, let’s talk about some questions that people often ask.

  1. How do YouTubers record their gameplay on the console?

    Capture cards are used by a lot of YouTubers to record games on platforms like the Xbox. When you connect these to your PC and gaming system, it’s easy to record and stream games.

  2. How do I record Xbox One gameplay longer than 10 minutes?

    A: As we’ve already talked about, the “Record what happened” choice on your Xbox One lets you record longer game sessions. It is also helpful to use an extra storage device with enough room.

  3. How do you share YouTube videos on Xbox?

    A: You can share YouTube movies on Xbox by getting the YouTube app from the Microsoft Store. If you sign in with your Google account, you can watch YouTube movies right on your computer.

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Xbox can Record YouTube Videos, which gives you cool new ways to share your game experiences with a bigger audience. Make sure you check out items like EaseUS RecExperts if you want more advanced tools for editing and recording.

You can start making content now that you have this flexible app. This information could help other people, so remember to share it. Have fun recording and playing!

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