Diablo 4’s Free Weekend Lets You Play All its Content till

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PCG’s Tyler Colp termed Diablo 4 second season “a leap in the right direction” this month. The game now wants you to come back and give it a try. So, the game is giving away a free trial until Monday, October 30. That means you can play around with almost the whole game on Battle.net over the next few days.

I really mean it when I say “dang near all.” From what I can tell, the only real rule for this Diablo 4 free weekend is that your character level will be limited to 20 instead of the normal 100. Blizzard says you’ll also have “Access to all Diablo 4 content” and that any progress you make will carry over into the real game if you decide to buy it.

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Like the vast majority of people reading this, I’d rather keep my games on Steam than on the apps that keep popping up on my taskbar. But if you want to play Diablo 4 for free, you’ll have to stick with Battle.net. The game has been on Steam for 10 days, but Blizzard is only letting people try it out on its launcher. You can’t complain too much when it’s free.

You can try Diablo for free on Battle.net. The trial will last until Monday, so that you know. I might want to jump back in myself. During the beta stages, I spent a lot of time on the game. When it finally came out, I quickly lost interest in it. I’ve heard that the game is slowly (but not completely) getting back on track, which is bringing back people like me who thought something was missing from the full game.

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