What is TwDsUiLaunch.exe and How to Remove it? Here are 2 Tips

You may have seen the file TwDsUiLaunch.exe on your desk. Do you ever need to figure out what it is? Is the file safe, or if it have a virus?

Are you sure you want to get rid of the program? If you have any questions about the TwDsUiLaunch.exe Windows process, this post has the answers.

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What is TwDsUiLaunch.exe?

The Twdsuilaunch.exe file on a Windows PC is not tied to any important system files. It works with any Brother Printing Utility program that runs on Microsoft Windows.

You can use Brother printers on your Windows computer with this file. It could be a more important file, but if it gets damaged or infected, it can cause a lot of problems on your machine.

“You can delete it whenever you want if you don’t need it. The place where you can find this file is C:\Windows\twain_32\Brimm15a\Common\. If you have a TOSHIBA laptop, TwDsUiLaunch.exe is just a real application file that is part of the TOSHIBA Wireless Display Utility software.”

Your laptop can be directly linked to another TV or projector, and this file can be shown on the screen. This Twdsuilaunch.exe file starts the software’s user interface.

“In addition, it gives you a lot of ways to set up and control your device’s wireless display settings. It can handle files up to 1.5 MB in size and doesn’t use much CPU or memory. To get this file on a TOSHIBA computer, go to either C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Wireless Display or C:\Windows\twain_32\Brimm17b\Common\.”

Is TwDsUiLaunch.exe Safe?

The file TwDsUiLaunch is safe. Remember, though, that Trojan horse files from other bugs can look like TwDsUiLaunch.exe and cause a lot of mess.

In this case, the system settings, screen settings, and other settings could be changed. Also, a number of harmful programs would be put on your computer. In the event that you discover this file somewhere other than the suggested spots, you should delete it.

How to Determine If TrustedInstaller.exe is a Virus or Safe?

Should you need clarification about whether TwDsUiLaunch.exe is a virus or not, the hacks below will help you figure it out.

1: Check Your CPU Load

The CPU will be under a lot more stress than normal when the TwDsUiLaunch.exe file has other viruses in it.

  • In the search bar, type “Task Manager.”
  • Then, on the Processes tab, make sure that this TwDsUiLaunch.exe file is using a lot of CPU and memory.
  • If it is, it should be marked.

Task Manager

2: Check the File Location

“You don’t need to worry about it if you find the file in C:\windows\twain_32\Brimm15a\Common\ or C:\windows\twain_32\Brimm15b\Common\. The fact that you can find this file somewhere else is a sign that it is not safe.”

How to Remove TwDsUiLaunch.exe File?

There are many ways to get rid of this if you decide it doesn’t belong on your machine.

1: End the TwDsUiLaunch.exe-Related Processes

The easiest way to end the TwDsUiLaunch.exe Windows process is to do it from the Task Manager. Do what is written below.

  • Open Task Manager.
  • In the Processes tab, look for the TwDsUiLaunch.exe process and right-click on it.
  • After that, click the End Task button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the Startup tab now and right-click on the TwDsUiLaunch.exe file in the list of installed apps.
  • Last, click on the “Disabled” button.

2: Delete the TwDsUiLaunch.exe Files

These steps will help you get rid of any copies of the TwDsUiLaunch.exe file that you find in other folders.

  • It’s easy to open the File Explorer. Just press the Windows and E keys together.
  • To find the TwDsUiLaunch.exe file, press Ctrl + F.
  • After that, right-click on TwDsUiLaunch.exe and choose “Open file location.” Next, pick out all the files in C:\Windows\twain_32\Brimm15a\Common\ and press the “Delete” key.

3: Scan your PC to Remove Malware and Unwanted Programs

After you delete the file that was causing the problem from your PC, you will need to do a virus scan to get rid of any leftovers. That also helps get rid of malware and other programs you don’t want on your computer.

  • To get to the Windows Settings, press the Windows + I keys together.
  • After that, click on Update & Security.

pdate & Security

  • After that, go to Windows Security and select Virus & Threat Protection.

Virus & Threat Protection

  • After that, click on the link that says “Scan options.”

Scan options

  • Next, pick any choice (Full ScanScan is best) and click on the ScanScan Now button.

Full ScanScan is best

  • The screen will show you all the threats on your machine. Then, click on the Start Actions buttons.

Start Actions

Lastly, the virus scanner that comes with your PC will find and get rid of all the harmful files, folders, viruses, and malware on it.

You can also use any third-party anti-malware program to check your PC. The more advanced security features of these programs can help your PC find and get rid of any threats that the built-in tool on your computer doesn’t catch.

4: Run an SFC Scan

Virus scanning by default is not enough to find and get rid of corrupt TwDsUiLaunch.exe Windows processes on your machine. It would help if you did more. In order to fix broken Windows system files, you can use the SFC (System File Checker) and DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) tools.

  • Type cmd into the Windows key.
  • Then, choose “Run as administrator” to open the command prompt screen as an administrator.
  • Next, open a new command prompt and type the following: sfc /scannow. Press the Enter key to finish.

sfc /scannow

  • Wait until you get the message “Verification 100% done.”

Now, turn your PC back on. After that, open the command line again as an administrator and type and run the following scripts.

dism/Online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

dism/Online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup

dism/Online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

After the commands are carried out, run the SFC check to make sure the issue doesn’t happen again.

5: Uninstall Malicious Programs from Windows

After getting rid of all the files on your PC that are in disagreement with TwDsUiLaunch.exe, you will need to get rid of any malicious programs and apps that you don’t need. That will fix the problems that the TwDsUiLaunch.exe file caused by making your system run faster.

  • To open the Windows Settings, press the Windows and I keys at the same time.
  • After that, click on the Apps setting.
  • Then, look for the most recent app you added or the one that is having trouble and click on it.
  • In the next step, click on Uninstall. Follow the on-screen directions and the next set of prompts to finish the uninstall process.
  • Press the “Start” button and type “%appdata%.” Click on Open now.
  • To get rid of them, find the folder where the apps were put, right-click on it, and then choose “Delete.”
  • In the next step, press Windows and type %localappdata%.
  • Now, to open it, click on the Open button.
  • To get rid of the app folder, find it and delete it. Do this and then restart your machine.

6: Reset Browsers Back to Default Settings

Finally, it would help if you got rid of any spam alerts or add-ons that are on your computer to fix the settings that the malware has changed.

  • Press the button with three dots when you’re in Google Chrome.
  • After that, click on Settings.
  • Next, click on the “Advanced” setting on the left side of the screen and then on “Reset and Clean up.
  • Then, click the button that says, “Restore settings to their original defaults.”
  • Next, click the “Reset settings” button to check what it says.

Once you restart your computer, the TwDsUiLaunch.exe file will no longer be there.

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Q: What is twdsuilaunch.exe?

A: The executable file twdsuilaunch.exe is a valid component of the Toshiba Wireless Display Utility software.

Final Words:

There you have it! The steps to check if this file is a virus or not are explained in this guide. The file in question is called TwDsUiLaunch.

I also did my best to include a list of ways to get rid of the TwDsUiLaunch.exe Windows process and other useful information about this file. We’re on TelegramFacebook, and Twitter too! If you want to stay connected with us, be sure to follow us. We’d love to stay in touch!

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