DAMN NFO Viewer Latest Review for Windows 10

What is DAMN NFO Viewer 2023?

Most of the time, Windows can open files that have ASCII art in them. You can download specialized tools, though, that have more features. DAMN NFO Viewer is the name of one of these tools. That is a small program that can help you open some files that are in the TXT, NFO, or DIZ format. That is how most people view these types of files, but Notepad has a lot more to offer.

How To Use DAMN NFO Viewer?

Putting this app on your computer won’t take long and is easier than you think. You’ll find it easy to use the interface once it’s been loaded. The settings menu has a few choices that can be changed that make the app even easier to use.

One useful feature is “copy-on-select,” which lets you choose text and have it copied to your clipboard instantly. If you’ve used mIRC before, it used to have a function like this. In addition, it lets you drag and drop files, wrap words around each other, and change the background and text colors.

Note: If you often work with NFO files, you can make DAMN NFO Viewer the preferred viewer for them as soon as the setup is done. Drag and drop lets you open files that are in the TXT, NFO, or DIZ formats.

You can change the way DAMN NFO Viewer looks. Just change the visual choices to change how it looks and how appealing it is overall. The tool also has modes for wrapping, smart line breaking, shell interaction, and Unicode support.

It does exactly what the name says. It lets you look at NFO files, whether they contain ASCII art or other data. In case you’re unhappy with Notepad right now, try this app. DAMN NFO Viewer is a lot stronger than that.


  • It is quick and simple to use.
  • Interface that can be changed
  • Built into the Windows shell
  • It only takes a click to copy text.


  • None yet

What’s New?

  • No more NFO Viewer registering as a driver for the text/info MIME type!
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong language would be picked up automatically after the first install
  • Included Cyrillic fonts (codepage 866); to use them, you need to load the Russian language dll.

(FAQs 2023)

Q1: How do I view an nfo file?

A. As the name suggests, an NFO is a type of information file (iNFO) that typically has a lot of intricate artwork or logos.

The README file type and other common information file types used in programme in (stallation packages are comparable to NFO files.

Since they are in plain text format, you may see them with the majority of text editors and readers on your Mac or Windows computer.

Additionally, NFO files are frequently linked to illegal software and are frequently seen as the information file that was downloaded along with the illegal software.

Q2: What are NFO files used for?

A. Text files that come with warez scene releases of illegal software or media have the.nfo filename extension (also written as.NFO or NFO, an abbreviation of “info” or “information”).

Q3: Is nfo a graphic file?

A. NFO files are plain text files.

Q4: What is NFO in computer system?

A. System Information Files (NFO or SPX) hold details on a computer’s software and hardware environment.

Q5: What program can open NFO files?

A. Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for macOS.

Final Words:

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