GTA 4 Character Returns in Grand Theft Auto Online Update

A familiar character who first appeared in “GTA 4” 14 years ago is back in the latest Grand Theft Auto Online Update.


  • The new GTA Online update adds the mission of The Chop Shop, along with other game improvements and content.
  • Yousef Amir, a character from GTA 4’s “Ballad of Gay Tony” DLC, returns in this update, allowing players to team up with him to steal luxury cars.
  • With the release of Grand Theft Auto Online Update, the long-term future of GTA Online is unclear, but the game will continue to receive updates until 2024.

The new Grand Theft Auto Online update introduces a series of car theft missions called “The Chop Shop” and also brings back Yusef Amir, the real estate tycoon from GTA 4. Although recent Grand Theft Auto Online updates have improved the game, added content, and given GTA+ subscribers a new garage, “The Chop Shop” missions stand out as one of the game’s most interesting introductions.

Updated: 13 December 2023 — 2:32 AM

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