Processor Thermal Trip Error in Windows 10 [Fixed]

Processor Thermal Trip Error in Windows 10: Suppose you are getting a processor thermal trip error message after force shutdown of your computer. So, others are facing this problem. It happens when your computer’s processor and other components get too hot and go out of a certain temperature range. Suppose the computer has a fan or cooling system to cool the processor at all times. But if, for some unexpected reason, the system keeps getting hot, and then the processor gets extremely hot, the kernel is forced to shut down the PC system. Then, users get an error message. Processor Thermal Trip Error Windows 10

There can be many reasons responsible for this error. So check out the reasons below. Then, follow the steps below to fix the processor thermal trip error step by step.

Why am I getting the ‘Processor Thermal Trip Error in Windows 10’?

Processor thermal trip error is caused by the processor’s cooling system not working properly. To know why this happens, see the below-mentioned details.

  • The fan is not working due to dust accumulation.
  • Overclocking the processor increases the click rate for a short period but temporarily increases the temperature. And if the overclocking is turned off right away, it may cause the error.
  • The thermal paste was not applied correctly, or it was placed in a place where there was no air or a hot environment, or the processor was not installed correctly.
  • A heavy application or game may need more resources so that it can overwhelm the system.

These are the reasons, and most of the ways to solve the error processor thermal trip Windows 10 are related to the physical methods of cooling the system.

The error can be critical and rare, requiring manual temperature checks and cooling system repairs.

How to Manually Check Computer Temperature?

First, to check the temperature of your computer, you need to go into the BIOS settings and then [follow the steps to access the BSOD in Fix One]. Then, under the Hardware Monitor tab, check the CPU temperature in real time.

This way, you can get an idea of the temperature of your system and get an idea if the cooling system is broken or not.

How Do I Fix the Processor Thermal Trip Error?

Well, with the speed of the PC fan controller, you can adjust your computer’s fan speed yourself to keep the system cool. Check out the list of the best fan speed control software below.

See below one by one, follow the steps:

Fix 1: Disable Overclocking

As mentioned above, overclocking is one of the causes of overheating and malfunctions, and disabling overclocking will really help you solve your process thermal trip error, and your system. will work to cool the processor.

Overclocking is the process of temporarily increasing the processor’s clock rate faster than the normal running value and pressurizing. A typical 2.5GHz processor can be at 3.0GHz for a few seconds until it reaches a temperature threshold where it reverts to 2.5GHz.

Follow the steps below to turn off overclocking:

  • Open the Start menu, go to Settings, tap on Update & Security, and open Recovery.

Processor Thermal Trip Error in Windows 10 [Fixed]

  • Go to Advanced Startup, click Restart Now, and restart the computer.
  • Go to Advanced Startup, open Troubleshoot, go to Advanced Options, and then go to UEFI Framework Settings.

Processor Thermal Trip Error in Windows 10 [Fixed]

  • Tap on the Restart Button.
  • As soon as the system reboots, it will automatically open BIOS and go to the advanced tab.
  • Go to Performance and check for overclocking.
  • And then turn off the overclocking option.
  • And then finally, save the BIOS changes by pressing [F10 key], and start running your system normally.

Check that the processor thermal trip error is resolved and cool down the processor.

Fix 2: Check Ventilating Fans

Also, make sure that the computer is getting the right amount of air for ventilation. If dust blocks fans, the PC is in an improper position or does not allow air to pass through. The computer must shut down, and the processor thermal trip in Windows 10 will cause an immediate error.

Place your computer in an area with adequate airflow and clear any dust from the CPU fan. Open the cover and clean the dust from the fan and other outlets. You can clean the laptop by opening the cover of the laptop and cleaning the fan manually.

After cleaning the PC/Laptop properly, restart it and check if the error is fixed or still receiving.

Fix 3: Increase the RAM

Often, a few programs or applications require a lot of space to run, and due to low memory, the system becomes slow and starts to overheat.

In this case, upgrading the RAM to 4GB is adequate.

Fix 4: Analyze the Thermal Paste and Heat Sink.

If all else fails with the ventilation and you still get the error message, chances are the thermal paste is not properly applied to the processor. Thermal paste is a substance that works as a cooling agent. And the installed fan cools the processor significantly. However, if the thermal paste is not correctly applied, the agent will not do its job properly, and as a result, the processor will overheat.

Follow the procedure given below to implement the thermal processor:

  • Carefully unscrew the bolts to remove the fan on top of the processor.
  • You can see the cooling agent and make sure that you have the cooling agent. Now, spread the agent over the processor.

Processor Thermal Trip Error in Windows 10 [Fixed]

  • Put the fan back on top of the processor and cover the computer. Wait a few minutes for the cooling agent to take effect.
  • Start your computer.

Note: Install the processor correctly, and make sure the pin is connected correctly. And when the processor is completely in place, close the lid to secure it in place.

It is estimated that the processor thermal trip has been fixed.

Some Quick Fixes to Prevent System Overheating:

  • To make sure the fan is working properly, also check for any obstructions near the vents. If using a laptop, also ensure that the airflow is not blocked.
  • Run an anti-virus scanning tool on the system, as in any case, you may be experiencing high CPU usage and overheating due to malware infection.
  • Avoid uninstalling unwanted programs and freeware. And uninstall programs/applications that you don’t need.
  • Avoid placing your computer system in overheated environments.
  • Clean all ventilation ducts such as heat sinks, filters, radiators, and more at regular intervals daily.

The Best and Easiest Way to Repair Processor Thermal Trip Error

If your problem still needs to be solved even after solving the solutions given above, then you can find an easy way to solve the problem. It would be best if you run the PC Repair Tool, which will detect the error by scanning your system. It is a high-end multi-function repair utility that detects and fixes all problems and errors with just one scan.

With its help, you can fix BSOD errors, DLL errors, and corrupted system files. It can also prevent virus and malware infections, keep your system free from overheating, and more. It improves the Performance of Windows PCs.


It is all about the processor thermal trip error and why it happens. I have tried my best to include complete information on how to prevent overheating on your computer and how to fix processor thermal trip errors.

Follow the given fixes one by one, avoid forced shutdown, and keep your processor cool. This article will be useful for you. If you have any suggestions, contact us on Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook.

Good luck..!

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