Error Code Baboon on Destiny 2? Fix It in 5 Easy Steps (2024)

Mistake code Baboon is a regular mistake that players make in Destiny 2. The mistake happens when a message is lost or the Bungie server and the internet link are cut off (for example, because the ISP is full or the internet is busy).

An error code baboon can still happen if the network is not set up correctly or the internet is slow.

For many gamers, the mistake disappears when they fix internet problems or move to a cable link. But if you’re still getting error Monkey in Destiny 2, try each fix individually.

Destiny 2 Error Code Baboon Fix?

Before you try any of the answers, you should restart your Game and device. Sometimes, small problems can cause you to run into problems and mistakes when trying to play a game.

How do I fix the error code, baboon Destiny 2?

Getting out of this state requires forcing quit Destiny by stopping the Game and starting it up again. If you keep getting this error and can’t log in, please try to force quit Destiny.

Solution 1. Wired Connection

One of the most likely reasons for the Error Code Baboon on Destiny 2 connecting to the internet.

So, to fix the problem with connecting to the internet, switch from Wi-Fi to a direct link to boost the signal strength.

To do this, the Wi-Fi on the console is turned off, and an Ethernet line is used to connect the console straight to the router.

Now that you think the problem with your internet link is fixed check to see if the error code Baboon still appears.

Solution 2. Troubleshoot Your Network

As the Error Code Baboon on Destiny 2 has to do with the network, it’s possible that the linked network has bad settings or that there are problems with your Internet service provider (ISP). So, in this case, checking the network link and seeing if the error goes away is suggested.

First, turn off your router and try to connect it again. If you still get an error, you must restart your router.

  • Make sure your router is plugged in, and look behind it for a small button or hole to press to restart.
  • If you see a hole, use a small pin and keep hitting the reset button for about ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Next, after you’ve restarted your router, restart your computer and start the Game as soon as you’re linked to the network.

If rebooting the router doesn’t help, try connecting to a different network. You can use your mobile hotspot briefly or try to connect in-game.

If you’re still getting the Destiny 2 error code Baboon, call your Internet Service Provider, tell them what’s going on, and wait for an answer, or use a different network connection until you hear back.

Solution 3. Enable UPnP

If you have a Strict NAT type set in the firewall, the Destiny 2 error message may appear because the computer can’t link to the Bungie server.

So, in this case, it’s best to switch from Strict NAT to Open NAT and let the router’s Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) feature work.

  • To open Command Prompt, press Win + R and type CMD in the Run box.
  • Now, enter the code below into the window and hit Enter.


  • Go to the Default Gateway under Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Then, copy the Default Gateway IP Address from the Router and put it into your browser’s search bar to open your Internet Settings.
  • Then go to the Firewall area and make a new Firewall in your Router.
  • Now, go to the Forwarding tab, click UPnP, and click the Enable button.
  • Next, see if Extended Security and Assigned Games & Apps are turned on. If they are, turn them off.
  • Click OK to save your changes and restart your Router.

Now, try to play the Game and see if the error code Baboon Destiny 2 still shows up.

Solution 4. Force Restart your Game

If none of the above fixes work, the problem might be with the Game on the machine. If the Game is started correctly, this can cause the Destiny 2 error code monkey.

To fix the problem, press the “Force Stop” button on your machine and try to start the Game again.

  1. Xbox One:
  • First, hold the Xbox button down.
  • Then, make sure that the big application tile is the one that stands out.
  • Now, click the Menu button and choose the “Quit” option. After that, start Destiny 2 again and see if the mistake still appears.

2. Xbox 360:

  • First, press the button for the Xbox Guide.
  • Then, go back to the panel by pressing the Y button.
  • And on Xbox, start your Game over.

3. PS3:

  • First, hold the PS button down.
  • Then select Quit game and select Yes.

4. PS4:

  • Hold the PS button down.
  • And choose Yes after you click Close Application.

5. PC:

  • First, shut down Steam and press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys.
  • Click End Task next to Steam.

After you’ve done what your device says to do, check to see if the Destiny 2 error code Baboon is fixed.

Solution 5. Get a VPN

If nothing works, you should use a VPN service since Destiny 2 is blocked in some places because of age or location limits.

So, to fix the problem, use a VPN when you play Destiny 2. Using a VPN creates a safe, encrypted network that lets you play games without getting caught.

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So, that’s everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 error code Baboon. It’s a bad error and easy to fix by following the steps. The steps to fix the error code Baboon 2 in Destiny 2 are easy to follow, so do them individually.

Try each option one at a time until you find one that works. We’re on FacebookTwitter, and Telegram too! If you want to stay connected with us, be sure to follow us. We’d love to stay in touch!

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