Skyrim Fan Represents Dawnstar in Far Cry 5

The town of Dawnstar in Far Cry 5 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim North looks like a real remaster in terms of details.


  • An avid Skyrim fan has impressed the gaming community by recreating the town of Dunstar in the Far Cry 5 map editor.
  • The recreated Dunstar shows great attention to detail and feels like a real remaster, even though some areas are not included.
  • This is not the first time Mojo SopTops has recreated a Skyrim village in Far Cry 5, and they have also recreated other franchises and real locations.

A Skyrim enthusiast at Bethesda recreated the great city of Dawnstar using the Far Cry 5 engine. The project was shared online and received praise and appreciation from players. The project was shared online and received praise from several gaming communities.

Located in the northern region of Skyrim, known as The Fells, Dunstar is known for its two mines and a small port. In 2011’s The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Dunstar contained only a dozen buildings, but it is the capital of The Fale region, home of the Elder Scrolls Elders, and an important city.

Network developer Mojo Swoptops recreated the central area of Dunstar from Skyrim for Xbox Series X in the Far Cry 5 map editor. Mojo Swoptops uploaded a five-minute video to YouTube, showing a first-person visit to the redesigned Dunstar in Far Cry 5 vanilla. He also shared his work on the Elder Scrolls, Gaming, and Skyrim subreddits, where community members praised the look and attention to detail of the redesigned Dunstar. The atmosphere of the presentation, along with the Skyrim soundtrack, gave the impression that what Mojo Topps had created was a true remaster of Dunster and not just a recreation. However, Mojo Topps doesn’t seem to have included other features of the area, such as the Dunstar Sanctuary, the Dark Assassin faction, the Dark Brotherhood base, and the Nightcaller Sanctuary.

Updated: 7 December 2023 — 4:35 PM

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