Version 4.4 of the Genshin Impact Leak Reveals a New Area

The latest leak about Genshin Impact reveals the newest explorable area coming to the role-playing game with update 4.4.


  • The upcoming update for version 4.4 of Genshin Impact will expand one of the game’s largest regions with a new area called Qiaoying Village in Liyue.
  • According to the released information, the village’s picturesque houses, buildings, and farms will have multiple levels, just like Jinha’s village.
  • The new area includes two new characters, Xianyun and Gaming, and version 4.4 brings more content for players.

According to the latest leak about Genshin Impact, a new region will be added to the game as part of the next 4.4 update shortly. As well as adding new areas to the popular RPG, HoYoverse often returns with new expansions to existing areas to increase the number of places to explore. New areas, such as the Rift of February, expand on previous areas of the game, and events often take players back to previously explored areas for new story content. The latest update adds more of the game’s larger areas.

In the second half of the “Fontaine Genshin Impact” cycle, there were several leaks and revelations of new areas to explore in the game, and it looks like Fontaine will expand even further in the future. There are also rumors that the Mondstadt area of Genshin Impact will have new playable areas, including a port and the mysterious “Sea of Dandelions”, and the latest leak about Genshin Impact has revealed a new area to add to “Riyue”.

A new leaked video shared by source Mirko on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit shows Liwar, a quiet village that will be added in version 4.4. Chao Yin Village is a picturesque village located in the Liyue Mountains, with small houses and buildings clustered around a river that runs through the center. In this video, the location of Chao Yin Village cannot be seen on the Geng Xin Impact Map, but it is estimated to be located northwest of Liyue.

Version 4.4 of the Genshin Impact Leak Reveals a New Area

The Chao Yin Village leak was published at a time when there had previously been rumors that a new expansion pack would be added to the playable area in Liyue. Previous leaks about Fontaine had said that the Tianyu Valley in Liyue would be the first time Genshin Impact players would enter Fontaine, instead of the entrance next to Smell. In Genshin Impact’s game story, Chaoyin Village is mentioned several times, referring to a small village near the border between Liwor and Fontaine. Chaoin Village and the 4.4 version will be released on January 31.

In addition, the latest area of Reincarnation Impact introduces several new characters, including a long-awaited member in version 4.4. The next Reincarnation Impact update will introduce Xianyun, the long-awaited humanoid form of Riyue Adeptus Cloudhide, who will appear as the character Anemo Catalyst. The 4-star character Pyro, son of Riyue’s “Lioness”, will also join the game. Version 4.4 is expected to bring many new elements for Reincarnation Ichorok players to enjoy, including new areas and new characters.

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