Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [100% Fix]

Are you familiar with the Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error, or has this game just recently come to your attention? The game’s big, magnificent environment is embellished with a fantastic atmosphere and a plethora of things to do. However, when the number of players grew, many people complained about the “Failed to Check for Updates Error Genshin Impact ” problem. If you are one of the gamers afflicted by this mistake, we have produced a tutorial on how to resolve the issue.

Why is Geshin Impact reporting a “Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error”?

This error may occur in Genshin Impact due to game server troubles, network issues, obsolete network drivers, system incompatibility, and other factors.

How can I fix this”Failed to check for updates”?

Assuming the hardware on your computer is sufficient for running games on a regular basis, do some simple troubleshooting, restart your computer, and then load the game again. Following these steps can help you troubleshoot the problem if it persists:

1. Check server status

Because Genshin Impact is a popular online game with a large number of players, the servers may get overcrowded or need help with problems at times. For further information, visit the Genshin Impact Twitter page or the official Genshin Forum. Proceed to the following step if the servers are operational.

2. Run Genshin Impact directly as administrator

We were able to address the issue on several PC setups by running Genshin directly. Try it for yourself; you could be fortunate, as follows:

  • Close Genshin Impact and go to his installation folder.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • To launch the game as administrator, right-click on the GenshinImpact.exe file and choose launch as administrator.

3. Update your network driver

The “Check for Updates Failed” error message might sometimes suggest that you are using an out-of-date network driver. If you need help remembering the last time you updated your network drivers, do it immediately since it may solve the issue fast.

  • Right-click the Windows Start button and choose Properties. From Quick Menu, pick Device Manager.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Navigate to Device Manager. Update the driver by right-clicking on your network card.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Drivers should be updated. Wait for the Windows update to complete the procedure before selecting Search automatically for drivers.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Restart your computer, then run Genshin Impact to verify whether the “Failed to check for updates” problem has been resolved.

4. Restart your network

If you observe that your network is too sluggish and overcrowded, online games may experience a variety of issues. We recommend that you do a network reset to repair any network difficulties and restore all settings to their default levels. This method clears the cache and refreshes your IP address, making it a feasible solution to your network issue.

  • Right-click on the Windows Start menu and pick “Network connections” from the menu that comes up.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Go to the left side of the screen and choose Status. Then, choose Network reset.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Click “Reset now,” pick “Yes,” and then click “OK.”
  • Turn your PC back on and then open Genshin Impact to see if the “Failed to Check for Updates” problem is gone.

5. Change your DNS server

We use the DNS (Domain Name Server) that our ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave us at home. That DNS can sometimes make it hard to join, so we suggested using a public, checked DNS, like Google’s. Follow these steps to change your usual DNS:

  • Press Win+R on your computer to open the Run window.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • In the box that comes up, type ncpa. Cpl and click OK.
  • Right-click on your network connection and choose “Properties.”

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Click on the IPv4 link and then click on the Properties button.
  • Click the “General” tab and accept the following statement: Use these DNS server names.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Type for the Preferred DNS server and for the Alternate DNS server.
  • Accept the changes by clicking OK.
  • To make the changes take place, you need to clear the DNS cache. In the search box on the desktop, type “cmd.” Choose to run as an administrator.

Genshin Impact Failed To Check For Updates Error [Easy Fix]

  • Typing ipconfig /flushdns into the computer line and pressing Enter will do it.
  • To see if you were able to update Genshin Impact, click “Update.”

6. Use a VPN

The Genshin Impact server gets too busy at times, especially during peak hours, causing links to drop or become unstable. If this keeps happening to you, you should use VPN sites that have fast and stable connections. It is safer and more reliable to use a paid VPN like ExpressVPN instead of a free VPN service.

7. Reinstall Genshin Impact

You have tried all of the options we gave you for this issue.

Geneshin Impact keeps giving you “Failed to Check for Updates” problems that you can’t fix. The game files might be broken, or the software might need to be fixed. Last but not least, try removing and restarting the game to see if that fixes the issue.


We did our best to list all of the ways to fix the “Update check failed” problem in Genshin Impact. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or ideas. You can find us on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter too! Make sure you follow us if you want to stay in touch. Let’s keep in touch!

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