Genshin Impact Changing Version 4.4 Banners

Based on recent leaks from Genshin Impact, it seems that Welcoming has changed the song order again, this time for version 4.4, where Sunwoon will make his debut.


  • According to the leak, due to HoYoverse’s change of plans, Genshin Impact players will see Nahida and Yae Miko on the version 4.4 banner instead of Ganyu and Shenhe.
  • Elements of this change include the archon banner in version 4.4 and Yae Miko’s consecutive encounter pattern with the Spiral Abyss boss.
  • The leak also reveals the existence of four-star characters, including Kujo Sara and Chevreuse, but players may have difficulty creating them.

According to the latest Genshin Impact, Reincarnation Impact players are bracing themselves for the possibility that track 4.4 will feature Nahida and the Eight Maidens instead of the Black King and his minions. Normally, character insignias in Reincarnation Impact are planned for several updates, but Hoyobus is spreading rumors that they’ve changed their minds. Specifically, there were rumors that Oira would debut in a second relaunch well before the release of version 3.8, and many players believed that Albedo would receive the Oira treatment in Fontaine.

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