Elden Ring Boss Cheats: Break the Unlucky Player’s No-Hit Run

One Elden Ring player said that when he was about to finish the game without a hit and an impressive run, his boss tricked him and destroyed him.


  • An Elden Ring player’s impressive no-hit no-run game was ruined by a bug in the boss that made him attack even after he was dead.
  • Other players consoled the player that the error was unexpected and unprepared and shouldn’t have been reflected in his record.
  • There are other harmless bugs in Elden Ring, but it’s a shame that such a well-made game doesn’t have bugs or issues.

An Elden Ring player was close to scoring an impressive no-hit no-run before the boss cheated and attacked the player. This is not a matter of skill, but a very unfortunate mistake that ruined the experience for many players.

Elden Ring is the popular 2022 game from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware. As with many Souls games, some skilled players took the already difficult title further and achieved the impressive feat of not being attacked by enemies at all.

Redditor Waleedbro7 recently published images of himself fighting a duo of Godskins, a giant enemy, in the final section of the Elder Ring. They claim to have almost cleared a path that hadn’t been attacked before. They managed to take down the boss in three attacks with the Snake Hunter’s Spear, but then something very unfortunate happened: The monster tried one last attack. Waleedbro7 was hit and killed due to lack of preparation, but the big bad didn’t die and kept moving.

I was kinda close to finishing my first no hit run and look how they decided to ruin it
byu/Waleedbro7 inEldenring

This kind of bug seems to be a frequent occurrence in Ring of Fire, where other enemies have zero health but don’t die. Other Reddit users who commented on Waleedbro7’s video tried to console them, saying that their deaths were unintentional mistakes and that neither hits nor deaths count in a hitless race. Although some disagree with this opinion, it’s clear that they shouldn’t count because no one can prepare for something like this.

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