Elden Ring Adventurer’s Laughable Duel Against Banished Knight

An Elden Ring player tries to kill an exiled two-armed knight from a distance, but things take an unexpected turn.


  • The two-handed Exiled Knight in Elder Scrolls is a vicious enemy that surprises players with its teleportation abilities and heavy armor.
  • The world of Eldon Ring is full of aggressive creatures, and players must fight challenging battles and learn their attack patterns.
  • One player found a way to teleport an unsuspecting Templar off a cliff, killing him instantly.

A player from The Elden Ring tried to kill a two-armed Vanishing Knight in Sol Castle but failed. The world of The Elder Ring is full of powerful enemies, including humanoid Void Knights who specialize in various weapons and drop unique items when defeated. They are dangerous warriors who can ambush you and inflict special damage with their large swords. The twin swords of the Varnished Knight, which appear at the beginning of the game, can be difficult to defeat because of their constant teleportation during battles and their heavy armor.

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