Game Awards Unveils Massive Dead by Daylight Surprise!

Dead by Daylight will make a big announcement during The Game Awards, and horror fans are sure to be excited.


  • Dead by Daylight has partnered with Supermassive Games to develop a new spin-off game.
  • The spin-off game features new characters and is set outside the kingdom of Entei.
  • Supermassive Games is known for creating terrifying monsters and fans can expect a thrilling horror experience in this mystery game.

Dead by Daylight announced at The Game Awards the unveiling of a new game, developed by Supermassive Games in collaboration with Behaviour Interactive. Although the studios didn’t say anything about the future design of Dead by Daylight, they did hint at what the new game might look like.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which one player takes on the role of an assassin, while the other players have to escape the assassin by working together to complete various tasks. Dead by Daylight offers players a wide variety of characters to choose from, each with unique characteristics. Although Dead by Daylight’s developer, Behaviour Interactive, stated that it intended to treat the game as a live-action title and had no plans for a sequel, fans were intrigued when it was announced that two spin-off games were in the pipeline. One of these Dead by Daylight projects will be revealed soon.

Developer Supermassive Games has announced that it will announce a spin-off of Dead by Daylight during The Game Awards, according to a video posted on the studio’s Twitter account. The video explains that the new project will combine Supermassive’s tense story approach with the popular mythology of Dead by Daylight. The story is set outside the realm of the Entity, the main antagonist of Dead by Daylight. The spin-off game features a new cast of characters and is a unique way to experience the horror world of Dead by Daylight.

Game Awards Unveils Massive Dead by Daylight Surprise!

It is not yet clear what the game will reveal during The Game Awards, but fans can expect a trailer and teaser, including gameplay. Supermassive has released several well-received horror games, including The Quarry, Until Dawn, and The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Earlier this year, two Dead by Daylight spin-offs were announced, causing a stir among gaming fans: while Supermassive’s project focuses on single-player mode, another spin-off, being developed by Midwinter Entertainment, is a cooperative multiplayer game. However, no details are yet known about this second project.

For Dead by Daylight fans, Behaviour Interactive recently released a roadmap outlining the game’s future through 2024. According to this roadmap, next year will see character upgrades, quality-of-life improvements, power-ups, and more.

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