New Co-Op Shooter Game Den of Wolves Exposed Payday Creator 2024

What is a den of wolves?

A wolf pack’s den, sometimes referred to as its habitat or shelter, provides essential protection for a number of wolf group functions. This natural home is more than just a building; it represents the spirit of group life, mating, and raising the pack’s offspring. Because of its great ecological significance, the complexities of wolf behaviour in their dens have drawn the interest of both experts and wildlife enthusiasts.

Due to their high social interaction, wolves typically build their dens in isolated areas of forests or other distant areas. These locations give the pack a safe space to do necessary tasks. The way the wolves built these dens, using only natural materials to build sturdy shelters that resist the harshness of the outdoors, is a tribute to their inventiveness.

During the Game Awards, GTFO developer 10 Chambers announced that their next project is Den of Wolves a cooperative shooting game about a robbery.


  • Den of Wolves: a cooperative heist FPS developed by GTFO’s 10 Chambers, in which players participate in a near-future heist in the small town of Midway.
  • Players work for rival conglomerates and commit crimes such as industrial espionage, vandalism, theft, and murder.
  • Den of Wolves is a new heist game from the creators of Payday and offers a unique gaming experience with a science fiction theme, high-tech weapons, and stunning gameplay elements.

Den of Wolves is the latest work from 10 Chambers, formerly known as GTFO, which was announced at The Game Awards. 10 Chambers is a relatively new independent studio in Sweden, but it employs former Payday developers, including GTFO director Ulf Andersson, and many of the staff have long experience with the Payday series. Unfortunately, the previous installment in the series, Payday 3, suffered from a lackluster launch, including server issues, making it one of the most disappointing games of 2023.


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