24/7 Free Minecraft Server Hosting By TrackError 2024

It can be not very pleasant to play Minecraft with other people. You are the only one who can set up a server, rent a room, change the world settings, and do the daily maintenance.

It doesn’t need to be this way, though. You don’t have to handle the complicated hosting process yourself; you can do it for free with a reputable hosting service like TrackError.

TrackError has been running Minecraft servers for free for years and is known for having a service that works well and doesn’t cause any problems. After you sign up and set up your site, you can start playing on the internet right away.

24/7 Free Minecraft Server Hosting By TrackError 2024

Why Should I Host A Minecraft Server?

There are several benefits to running your own Minecraft server:

  • You can change the settings on your computer to suit your needs.
  • You can control what rights users have and make sure your players are safe.
  • It’s possible to make your online group with other people.
  • With custom tools, mods, and other features, you can make your server do more.

You don’t have to worry about server costs or other costs when you use TrackError’s free hosting. You don’t have to worry about anything while you play games.

Why Choose TrackError For Free Minecraft Server Hosting?

  • DDoS Protection: If you run your server on your IP address, you leave yourself open to threats and can quickly become a victim of attacks. All sites that use TrackError get DDoS protection, which keeps them safe from attacks. Any possible threats will be blocked so that you can play without stress.
  • SSD Storage: All of our computers have SSD storage, which makes them faster and better at what they do. There won’t be any server lag or delays for your players while they play.
  • Feature-Rich Service: We offer extra features that make games better, like custom worlds, automatic backups, and support for mods and plugins. You can change how your server works to suit your needs.
  • Uninterrupted Server Uptime: You can count on your computer to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will be ready when you need it.
  • 24/7 Support: Our friendly and experienced customer service team is always here to help you if you need it. We’ll answer your questions right away if you email us or chat with us live.
  • Instant Setup: You only need to click a few times to make our computers ready to use. You don’t have to worry about the technical parts of setting them up. After setting up your site, you can start playing Minecraft right away.

Minecraft Hosting FAQs

Do I need to pay for Minecraft server hosting

Should you pick TrackError as your host, you won’t have to pay for a computer. All of our users can run their own Minecraft servers for free.

How long does it take to set up a Minecraft server?

It only takes a few minutes to get your server up and running after you sign up and set it up.

How do I keep my Minecraft server safe?

Our servers have DDoS defense built in to keep them safe from attacks. We also offer extra security tools to keep your server safe at all times.

Can I use mods and plugins on my server?

Yes, you can use both mods and tools on your server with TrackError. You can change things about your server to fit your wants.

But if you want to use some modding tools, you might have to pay more for a subscription.

What is the difference between a mod and a plugin?

Mods are changes made to the game code that add new material, features, and ways to play. Plugins, on the other hand, change the game in ways that only work on the server.


TrackError makes running your own Minecraft server the easiest and safest thing to do. With our free Minecraft server hosting, you can make your game exactly how you want it to be.

Our servers have all the safety features you need to keep your players safe, such as DDoS protection and automatic backups. No matter what time it is, our customer service team is here to help you.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start playing right away.

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