Honkai: Star Rail Teases Latest Character Ruan Mei

A new trailer for Honkai: Star Rail Teases the character in Honkai: Star Rails, reveals the story of the Genius Society members.


  • In update 1.6 of Honkai: Star Rail, Ruan Mei is introduced as the game’s first 5-star character, and her story is revealed in the latest trailer, “Myriad Celestia.
  • Ruan Mei is the creator of the simulated universe in Honkai: Star Rail and a member of the Genius Society.
  • Ruan Mei’s gameplay in Honkai: Star Rail revolves around her character Ice Harmony, which gives her allies buffs, and her Weakness Break, which deals heavy damage to enemies whose health bars are depleted.

The latest trailer for Honkai: Star Rail Teases introduces Ruan Mei, a member of the Society of Geniuses, the first 5-star character to appear in version 1.6. The character roster has expanded considerably and many new playable characters have been added. In version 1.6, Luan Mei and Doctor Resio were introduced as 5-star characters. Today, HoYoverse is proud to announce the first roster members for version 1.6.

Updated: 22 December 2023 — 11:37 PM

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