Artistic Secrets: The Hunt for GTA 6 Map Clues in Official Imagery

Fans speculated that the Vice City GTA 6 Map Clues were hidden in the official artwork for Grandchildren’s Auto 6, and a player may have found it.


  • Grand Theft Auto 6 fans believe they have found a map of Vice City in the game’s official artwork, sparking speculation and analysis.
  • The GTA 6 trailer is the most viewed gameplay reveal on YouTube, sparking debate and obsession among fans about the upcoming game.
  • Although there are some similarities between the official artwork and the leaked Vice City map, it’s best to wait for the official announcement to be sure.

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans think they’ve spotted a copy of the Vice City map in the game’s official artwork, and one player has even investigated the possibility. Fans have been obsessing over every detail of GTA 6 ever since official information about Rockstar’s next game was leaked, and this time they might be onto something.

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