Alpha Release Date for the World of Warcraft Expansion

The first coded alpha version of World of Warcraft: Battlefront has been released to help predict the release date of the expansion pack.

The first alpha version of World of Warcraft: Battlefront, which begins testing of the next expansion pack, has been released on Blizzard’s internal servers. largest in World of Warcraft, but many players noted that the story felt more like a random adventure than a complete story. With a story like Labyrinth of the Dark Lands, that may be what the game needs before Legion gets its next legacy of death.

Although the entire story unfolds in three expansion packs, the features added to War in the War were designed to be permanent from the start. The era of borrowed power that defined Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands is coming to an end, and future expansion packs will permanently add dynamic flight, army, exploration and hero character features to World of Warcraft. These features were briefly mentioned during the World of Warcraft panel at BlizzCon 2023, and players will learn more about them when Battle for Azeroth Prequel alpha testing begins.

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