ChatGPT Is Changing the World of Internet Plumbing

A partnership between ChatGPT OpenAI and media group Axel Springer is changing the way we interact with content online.


OpenAI has announced a partnership with Axel Springer that will allow ChatGPT to provide users with summaries of news from Axel Springer’s portfolio, including publishers such as Politico and Business Insider. Users can access the robot and receive responses based on Axel Springer news, with links to the original articles.

Axel Springer will be paid for lending the robot, providing a sales channel and a new source of revenue. The partnership is designed to enrich ChatGPT’s user experience while maintaining the quality of journalism from Politico and Business Insider.

Implications For The Future Of The Internet

The agreement between OpenAI and Axel Springer raises questions about the future of the Internet and the role of creative AI. Creative AI cannot distinguish between original journalism and other forms of writing, so it treats all content the same. This raises concerns about the possibility of users being involved in original publication when ChatGPT reproduces news updates.

While collaboration gives users immediate access to current and accurate information tailored to their needs, it also reduces the incentive to click on the original article. The proliferation of AI-generated content could crowd out legitimate sources and limit the diversity of perspectives and styles available online.

Human Potential’s Transformation

Despite its current drawbacks, the changes brought about by AI can ultimately be seen as an expansion of human potential. Generative AI has the potential to more fully reflect human knowledge, stimulate creativity and facilitate quality work.

But it also marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The Internet will no longer be defined by the number of Web sites or digital works but by the text boxes and cursors of chatbots like ChatGPT, which analyze the vast world of information awaiting your orders.

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