Spotify Will Test Playlists Created by AI

Spotify is introducing a new feature that allows users to test artificial intelligence-generated playlists using text.

Spotify is testing a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to generate playlists from text tracks, and TikTok user @robdad_ has posted a short trailer with the text: “Did you discover Spotify’s ChatGPT by accident? ?” in the caption.

For certain users, this feature can be used by tapping the plus sign in the library to create a new playlist Spotify confirmed to TechCrunch that they are testing this feature, but that they will offer this AI playlist tool to all users. They have not revealed whether it will be available to all users.

The feature is called ‘Convert ideas into playlists using Al’ and has a chatbot field at the top for text and suggestions.

Robdad uploaded a video to TikTok showing how to use this feature to play one of the suggested playlists: “Witch House Exploration Playlist”.

A Spotify spokesperson explained that “we typically run a number of tests” and that “some of these tests ultimately lay the foundation for a broader experience, while others simply serve as important learning points. At the moment, we have nothing more to share”.

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