Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008? 8 Easy Solution

Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008 appears when updating Windows 10. Many people are worried about window malfunction. This article is for you.

An error is usually caused by an Error 0x80080008, and this Error can also be caused by the corruption of many files and drivers in Windows, which prevents the downloading of files not included in the update.

Most of the time, running the Windows update troubleshooter will briefly fix the update problem. But when the system is restarted, the Error 0x80080008 and the message “Service registration is missing or corrupt” show again. And you won’t be able to finish the update process or do any other jobs.

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0x80080008?

Solution 1: Fix Corrupt Windows System Files

Sometimes, files get corrupted in Windows 10, which makes it difficult to operate the system, and updates cannot be done properly. Error 0x80080008 appears whenever there is an update.

This article suggests fixing files and other drivers to fix Error 0x80080008. These files will be fixed automatically.

Solution 1: Fix Corrupt Windows System Files

  • First, open a command prompt in your system’s search bar. Type command prompt or cmd in your system search bar and click.

Solution 1: Fix Corrupt Windows System Files

  • Now type sfc/scannow in your command and enter.
  • It will take some time to fix the file corruption in your system as soon as you log in.

Now, close the command and restart your system. After restarting, see if the update is successful.

Solution 2: DISM Scan Execute

Suppose the Error is not fixed after the SFC Scan in Windows 10 Update 0x80080008 Error. You must run a DISM Scan.

Follow the prompts and instructions to run the DISM scan.

Solution 2: DISM Scan Execute

  • First, press Windows + X And find and click the Windows PowerShell (Admin) option.

All that needs to be given in the Windows PowerShell command is the below command. You can also copy and paste it.

Solution 2: DISM Scan Execute

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

If DISM can’t get the files it needs online, you’ll need to use the software USB or DVD. Type the following command after putting in the working media:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:\RepairSource\Windows /LimitAccess

Before you run the above code, you should change “C:RepairSourceWindows” to the path of your DVD or USB.

Now restart the system and see if the Error is showing or not.

Solution 3: Windows Update Components

Sometimes, the Windows Update parts don’t work well with the update process, which leads to the Windows 10 update error 0x80080008. On Windows 10, you need to restart the Windows Update components to fix this problem.

Select Command Prompt (Admin) by pressing Windows + X.

Type the following words into the Command Prompt and press the Enter key after each one:

net stop wuauserv

net stop cryptSvc

net stop bits

net stop msiserver

ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

ren C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.old

net start wuauserv

net start cryptSvc

net start bits

net start msiserver

After you run these tasks, the update problem should be fixed, and Windows 10 will be able to be updated. But if that doesn’t work, try the next idea.

Solution 4: Boot the BITS Services

One of the most important parts of Windows Update is the Background Intelligent Transfer Service or BITS. If this update service stops working, the Windows Update service will show a warning message while updating.

So, restart the BITS process to get rid of the update error number 0x80080008 on a Windows 10 machine. Follow the steps below to restart the service:

Solution 4: Boot the BITS Services

  • Run the Run box by pressing Windows + R.
  • Type services. msc in Run and click Enter.

Solution 4: Boot the BITS Services

  • Find the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and double-click on it to open its settings.

Solution 4: Boot the BITS Services

  • And check to see if BITS is working right or not. Click the Start button if it’s not working.
  • Go to the Recovery tab and make sure that “First failure” and “Second failure” are both set to “Restart service.

Last, confirm the choice and look for changes. After that, try to bring your system up to date.

Solution 5: Re-Register Wups2.dll

The update problem 0x80080008 can be caused by a bad module called the Wups2.dll file. Try registering this file again to fix the problem. And to do this, do these things:

Type cmd into Windows Search, right-click the Command Prompt, and choose “Run as administrator.”
In the Command Prompt, type the following words and press the Enter key:









After running the code above, you should restart your computer and try to run the Windows Update Service again.

Solution 6: Disable or Close Startup Programs

In some cases, background programs that are running at the same time as the Update process cause problems. So, to fix Windows Update error 0x80080008, it’s best to turn off the programs that start up with Windows. To do this, you should boot up in the safe mode:

Solution 6: Disable or Close Startup Programs

  • Type msconfig by pressing the Windows + R key and clicking OK.

Solution 6: Disable or Close Startup Programs

  • Hover over the Services tab and choose “Hide all Microsoft Services.”
  • After clicking “Disable All,” click “Apply”.
  • Now, click on the Startup button.
  • Click “Open Task Manager.”
  • Click the Disable button next to each Startup program you want to turn off.

Solution 7: Manually Download Windows Update

If you still see problem 0x80080008 after trying the fixes, download and install the updates manually from the official page. Just follow the steps below to do this:

Solution 7: Manually Download Windows Update

  • First, write down the number of bytes (KB) for the update you want to download.
  • Enter the KB number on the Microsoft Update Catalogue page.
  • Now, a list of results will show up. Look for the latest version in the results list that works with your system design.
  • Click the button that says “Download.”
  • After you download the update, run the file that tells your computer how to install it.

Solution 8: Stop Using Your Antivirus

To get around this, turn off the security program you have on your machine and then install the update. If turning off the protection wouldn’t work, you’d have to remove it.

Follow these steps to get rid of the antivirus from your computer:

Solution 8: Stop Using Your Antivirus

  • Open Settings with Windows + I, then click Apps.

Solution 8: Stop Using Your Antivirus

  • You can see a list of all the programs on your computer in the Apps & Features window.
  • Here, look for a third-party protection program and choose it.
  • Click the button that says “Uninstall.”
  • After removing the antivirus software, try updating Windows 10 to see if the mistake still appears. If it keeps happening, try the next option.

Manually removing software leaves certain data on the computer, making reinstallation difficult.

Suggested Remedies for a Range of Windows Computer Issues

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This versatile program can identify and repair a wide range of computer faults, malware, hardware failure, file loss prevention, damaged system file repair to improve Windows PC performance, runtime errors, application failures, and many more issues with only one scan.

FAQ with Error 0x80080008

Q1. How to Fix Error 0x80080008 in Windows 7?

A: Follow the instructions in this article to fix this Error 0x80080008 in Windows Seven and fix the up Error 0x80080008.

Q2. How do I fix Error 0x80070008 in Windows 10?

A: This Error 0x80080008 is mostly a problem in Windows 10, due to which people keep getting worried in this article. Most of them are related to Windows 10.

Q3. How do I fix this Error in Windows 11?

A: To fix this Error in Windows 11, open your command prompt and do a full system clean by typing sfc /scannow and see if the Error is fixed, or you can give another command, which is something like this.


Try this simple remedy if the following methods fail to cure Windows 10 update error number 0x80080008. The PC Repair Tool may help.

This application is an expert at resolving damaged Windows system files and other internal Windows issues, including Windows update errors. The utility will repair the issue when you install it on your computer. This utility also resolves DLL, BSOD, registry, and system file damage, among other PC issues. It also boosts PC speed to make it operate smoother.

So, that’s everything you need to know about Windows 10 update Error 0x80080008. Here, I list the possible ways to fix the problem and install the update.

All the options we discussed are easy to use, and you don’t need any professional skills to do them. After you try the methods, you will no longer get this Error when you try to update your Windows 10 computer.

Hope you learned something from this article and fixed your Error, so feel free to comment below to contact us. We’re on FacebookTwitter, and Telegram too! If you want to stay connected with us, be sure to follow us. We’d love to stay in touch!

Good Luck_!

Updated: 15 December 2023 — 3:38 AM

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