Global’s Biggest Quantum Chip is Unveiled by IBM

IBM’s next-generation quantum computer, System 2, will not contain the second-largest quantum chip. Instead, it will use three smaller 133-qubit Quantum Chip with much lower error rates.

IBM has announced the first quantum computer processor with more than 1,000 qubits (quantum bits). It is the second-largest chip ever built, but scientists are more excited about chips one-tenth that size.

IBM’s Quantum Condor chip, with 1121 quantum bits, is based on the architecture of the existing Eagle Quantum Chip, which has 127 quantum bits. In terms of size, this is slightly smaller than the 1125-qubit record holder that Atom announced last October. However, as part of its 10-year roadmap for quantum computing, IBM said it will not use these Condor processors in its “next generation” quantum computer, System Two, which will use multiple quantum processors simultaneously.

Instead, it will use IBM’s recently announced Quantum Heron processors, which have only 133 quantum bits per unit.

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