How to Fix Error 0x80300024 During Windows 10/11 {2024}

Many people have said that when they try to run the Windows OS, they get the Error 0x80300024. Users say they see the message “Windows can’t install to the location you chose.” 0X80300024 is the error code.

The problem Error 0x80300024 can happen on any version of Windows, but it happens most often when updating or restarting the Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems. This problem can also happen when a computer is upgraded to Windows 10.

What is Error 0x80300024?

This problem usually happens because there isn’t enough room on the selected file or the software media is broken or corrupted.

So, make sure your computer meets the base needs for the version of Windows you want to run.

Install by following the steps in this guide for Windows without getting the error code 0x80300024.

How Can I Correct Error 0x80300024?

Here is how to change how Windows starts up:

  • Turn on your gadget and go to the BIOS.
  • Once you’re in the BIOS, go to the settings for the boot order and setup.
  • Change the boot order by putting the drive you want to use first on the list.
  • Select UEFI as the start mode and then leave BIOS.

Fix 1. Check the Connection of the Accessories

The first thing you need to do is ensure that all necessary parts are linked correctly. Specifically, one must ensure the link between the installation drive and the spot is stable.

If the wire that connects these two is scratched in any way, it could make it hard to put in the window. So, make sure the wire doesn’t have any of these marks on it. Also, check to see if there is enough room in the place where you want to put it.

Once you’ve checked all these things, restart your computer and see if the error code 0x80300024 is gone. If not, you should try the next answer.

Fix 2. Discard Unnecessary Hard Drives

If your computer is hooked to multiple hard disc drives, you may get the problem message “Windows couldn’t be installed.”

This happens because when you try to install Windows on one of these drives, other disc drives interfere with the installation. This causes error code 0x80300024 and the Windows installation to fail.

If this is the case, remove all the hard drives where you won’t install Windows. Now, try to run Windows again to see if the problem is still or has been fixed. If the problem is still there, you can try other solutions.

Fix 3. Installation of Media Plugs into Different USB Ports

If you try to install Windows from a USB drive and get Error 0x80300024, there may be a problem with the USB port where the installation media is put in. Or, the startup media might be plugged into the wrong port.

To fix this, try using different USB ports and see if installing Windows works when you use different USB ports.

Fix 4. Put Target Hard Drive First in Boot Order

When loading Windows, you can also get the error number 0x80300024 if the hard drive you want to put Windows on is not at the top of the boot sequence.

So, if you want to get rid of the problem, you need to change the order of the drivers in your computer’s BIOS when it starts up. Here are the steps you can take:

  • Start up your PC.
  • To get into the BIOS setup of your computer, you need to press either the F1, F2, or Del key while your computer is starting up. If you can’t get into your computer’s BIOS with these keys, check your computer’s instructions to see which key you need to press.
  • Find your computer’s Boot setting or order in the BIOS. You might find it in the BIOS on the Boot tab.

Fix 4. Put Target Hard Drive First in Boot Order

  • Ensure that the hard drive where you want to install Windows is at the top of the list. If it’s not at the top, you should move it there.
  • Save the changes you’ve made and leave BIOS.

Fix 5. Use the DiskPart program

A partition table could also cause this Windows startup problem on the broken hard drive. So, to fix Error 0x80300024 on a Windows 10 computer, run DiskPart by following these steps:

  • Find the System folder and write it down while setup is going over the other files.
  • Press Shift+F10, and then type Disakpart.
  • Now, type List Disc to see a list of all sections.
  • Next, type Select Disc 1, where “1” is replaced by the section number.
  • Type “clean,” then press the Enter key.

Check to see if the Windows 10 installation Error 0x80300024 has been fixed.

Fix 6. Format Location of Installation

If the HDD partition you’re trying to install Windows on isn’t newly formed, the data on that partition may interfere with the installation process.

So, when you try to run Windows, you will get the error code 0x80300024. So, to prevent or fix the problem, the startup file must be formatted before Windows is installed. Now, to fix the download problem, follow the steps below:

  • Put Windows software media that can be booted into the computer and turn it back on.
  • On the BIOS screen, boot from the Windows installation disc you installed.
  • Set up your language, keyboard style, and other settings now.
  • When asked what kind of Windows software you want, choose the Custom (advanced) choice.
  • Click on Drive settings (advanced) on the next page.
  • Now, choose the section on your hard drive where you want to put Windows.
  • Select Format by clicking on it.
  • Confirm your choice and wait for the hard drive section to be formatted fully.
  • Click the button labeled “Next.”

Now you can see that the hard drive has become the room that hasn’t been used. Next, make a partition and try to put Windows on it, then see if the problem still happens.

Fix 7. Clear Up Disc Space

As I already said in the list of possible reasons, Windows startup Error 0x80300024  can also happen if there isn’t enough room on the drive.

In this case, you must make room on the hard drive for the files needed to run Windows. To do this, delete the temporary files and any other files or folders that aren’t needed.

Doing this will free up space on the hard drive to install Windows without worrying about running out of room.

Fix 8. Change out the Hard Drive

If you’ve tried all of the above fixes and still can’t fix the problem, it might be because there’s something wrong with your hard disc drive. When you try to run Windows, you might get the 0x80300024 error if you use a broken hard drive.

In this case, your only choice is to switch out your old hard drive for a new one. And then, try to run Windows after you’ve changed the hard drive. Now, the download problem should no longer happen.

Note: If the above methods don’t help you fix the problem Error 0x80300024 when installing Windows, you should try running the PC Repair Tool.

This tool is enough to fix common PC problems and errors like BSOD, DLL, application, game, registry, etc., all at once. It also keeps your PC safe from getting viruses or bugs.

An Automatic Fix For A Number of Driver Problems

To resolve different driver problems, you may also use the Driver Easy for Windows automated program. This sophisticated program finds and updates all obsolete drivers with a single scan.

Additionally, locate the damaged and corrupted drivers and let you know about them.


Error 0x80300024 can make running Windows on your computer hard or cause trouble. But you can take steps to make sure this mistake doesn’t show up on your computer.

In this post, we show you how to fix Windows Error 0x80300024. Ensure you do them to fix the problem on your end. If you face any computer or technology-related problems, then you can contact us by commenting below to contact us.

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