What is “Windows Update Error Code 80070103”? [Fixed 2024]

How to “Windows Update Error Code 80070103”?

It’s important to keep Windows up to date so that your PC or laptop works well and stays safe. However, when you try to run the most recent update on your computer, you see a warning message that says “Windows Update Error Code 80070103.” It can be really annoying not being able to figure out what the mistake means or how to fix it.

Error code 80070103 is not a major problem; it’s just a normal warning message that shows up when you try to load a device driver that you’ve already got on your PC or laptop or when the driver doesn’t work well with the ones you already have.

If the update error code 80070103 shows up and you try to run a Windows update but fail, don’t worry. You can fix the Windows update error 80070103 with the steps in this post. We will also explain why this error code shows up.

Keep reading the whole piece to learn more about the 80070103 error code.

Why Does Windows Update Error Code 80070103 Happen?

It’s easy to figure out what causes Windows Error 0x80070103. This problem happens when you try to get to a driver update.

If you load a driver from the Windows website or any other tool on your System that is already present on your OS, or if the version of that driver doesn’t work with your System, you will get this error code.

How to Fix 80070103 Error

You can fix the 0x80070103 error in a number of different ways. To get past the problem code, try each of the steps one at a time.

Fix 1. Close the Updates

It’s optional to load the update if your device driver is already set up and working correctly. You can hide the update instead so that Windows Update doesn’t come up and run it. This way, the 80070103 error code won’t show up. To do that, follow these steps:

  • When you press Windows + S, a box will appear. Type “Control Panel” into it, and then click “System and Security” to open the app.
System and Security
  • From the list of System and Security, choose System.
  • Click on Advanced System Settings on the left side of the screen under the System app.
Advanced System Settings
  • Click on Device Installation Settings on the Hardware tab and open the file.
  • If you choose “No,” your device might not work the way you want it to. Save your changes.

As soon as you restart your computer, the Windows Update error code 80070103 will no longer show up on the screen.

Fix 2. Run the SFC command

If you have a broken System file, this is the easiest way to fix the 80070103 error code.

  • Type “Command” in the box that comes up when you press Windows + R.
  • Before you press Enter, hold down Ctrl and Shift.
  • After the flashing pointer in the black area, type “SFC/scannow” and press Enter.
  • The tool starts to look through the files and fix any problems it finds.

When the scan is done, check to see if the mistake 0x80070103 has been fixed.

Fix 3. View installed update history

Here are the steps you need to take to find the bad driver that is causing an error code 80070103:

  • To open a chat box, press Windows+R. Type “Windows Update” and press Enter. That will open the update window, where you can find a number of apps.
  • Go to the “Application” part.
  • Press “View installed update history” to see the list of updates that have been installed.

Now, you will see a list of apps that worked and apps that didn’t work. That will help you figure out which driver is giving you trouble, and then you can fix the update error code 80070103.

Fix 4. Online Update Device Driver

Before you remove the current graphics driver:

  1. Make sure you get the right version of the driver from the manufacturer’s website for your operating system version and system type.
  2. Set up the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), and then start up your computer in safe mode.
  3. After putting your computer into safe mode, run the app you just loaded.

After starting up the app, choose “Clean and restart.” The program will instantly get rid of any drivers that are already loaded, and then your computer will restart itself.

  • Type “devmgmt.msc” into the box that comes up when you press Windows + R, then press Enter.
  • When you’re in the device menu, expand the “Display adapters” group.
  • Click “Update driver” from the menu that comes up when you find the device.
  • Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” next.
  • Find the place where you saved the driver and install it by following the on-screen directions.
Display adapters

Now that the driver update is done, restart your machine and see if the problem is gone. If not, you can use Driver Updater to easily fix the problem.

Fix 5. Check for Virus And Malware

You may have seen a 0x80072ee7 error code because your System wasn’t being scanned every day for bugs or malware.

Scan your computer for viruses and malware using antivirus software. If that doesn’t fix the problem, try using more up-to-date software.

When bugs attack your PC or laptop, Windows Defender shows you a warning sign. In this case, you should scan your machine. To check your machine, do what it says:

  • In the Start menu, go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Defender.
  • Click on “Advanced scan” under “Virus and threat protection.”
  • Pick the “Windows Defender offline scan” choice.
  • Press “Scan now.
Virus and threat protection

Check to see if the mistake is fixed after the scan is done.


That was all there was to know about the Windows Update Error Code 80070103. After reading this piece and trying all of the above solutions, your 80070103 error is fixed. Use an automatic repair tool to get your problems fixed quickly.

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How do I fix error 80070103?

Here are 5 Simple Solutions:
Fix 1. Close the Updates
Fix 2. Run the SFC command
Fix 3. View installed update history
Fix 4. Online Update Device Driver
Fix 5. Check for Virus And Malware

What is install error 0x800703f1?

If you continue to receive error 0x800703f1, the problem could be due to file corruption.

How do I fix Windows Update error 0x800F081F?

Please follow the instructions below:
1. Click Windows Update after you have opened Settings.
2. Update history. Check for failed update numbers.
3. Copy the update number that failed. Search for the failed update number in the Microsoft Update Catalogue.
4. Download it to your computer. Double-click to launch and update the installer.

How do I fix download error 0x80248007?

These methods will be discussed in detail.
1. Start the Windows Installer Service.
2. Reboot the Windows Update Service.
3. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
4: Delete the Software Distribution Folder to fix the 0x80248007 error.

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