GTA 5 Keep Crashing: How To Fix It Permanently

A lot of people who play this famous game have recently been having problems where GTA 5 keeps crashing. Even though this game has been out for ten years, there are still some issues that still need to be fully fixed, and it may be hard to figure out what those issues are. Here’s what you should do if GTA 5 keeps crashing, whether it’s because of a bug or not.

Learn How to fix GTA 5 Keep Crashing if crashes aren’t the only problem you’re having with the game.

Why does GTA 5 keep crashing?

GTA 5 keeps breaking because of mods that need to be optimized, more hardware resources, boost settings that need to be set up right, missing DirectX, graphics settings that are too demanding, an old GPU driver, broken game files, or missing Visual C++ packages. Other programs might be running in the background, which could be causing GTA 5 to crash when you try to start it up.

How do I keep GTA 5 from crashing?

Start figuring out what’s wrong with simple changes and checks:

  • If mods are making your GTA 5 keep breaking, turn them off.
  • Make sure your PC has at least the following specs before you play GTA 5.
  • If you overclocked any of your PC parts, turn off the boosting options.
  • Make sure that your PC has at least DirectX 11 loaded.

The next steps should be taken if this doesn’t stop crashes.

  • Change how the images work.
  • Fix the driver for the GPU.
  • Check the game files.
  • Put the Visual C++ tools in place.
  • Make the paging file bigger or add more virtual memory
  • On VSync

1. Change graphics settings

The most likely reason why GTA 5 keeps crashing while you play is that it doesn’t have enough resources. Turn down the image settings so the game runs easily and doesn’t crash.

  • Start GTA 5.
  • Pick Graphics from the menu that comes up after you click on Settings.

GTA 5 Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It Permanently

  • Change the following settings:
  • ▶ Texture Quality: Normal
  • ▶ Shader Quality: Normal
  • ▶ Shadow Quality: Normal
  • ▶ Reflection Quality: Normal
  • ▶ Grass Quality: High
  • Find the settings you need to change by scrolling down.

2. Update the GPU driver

GTA 5 can crash if its graphics drivers need to be updated. For the best game experience, it’s usually a good idea to keep this driver up to date.

  • In the search box next to the Windows button, type “Device Manager.” It will bring up the tool.

GTA 5 Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It Permanently

  • Double-click on the part that says “Display adapters.”

GTA 5 Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It Permanently

  • To update the driver, right-click on your specialized GPU and choose “Update driver” from the menu that comes up.
  • When the Update Driver Wizard comes up, choose the choice that says “Search automatically for drivers.”

GTA 5 Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It Permanently

  • The Wizard will look for driver changes that are right for you.
  • To run the update, follow the steps given once it has been found.
  • If updates aren’t found, check again to see if GPU driver changes are available.
  • Follow any extra steps that show up after the restart.

3. Verify game files

People know that bad game files can cause a lot of problems. From the launcher, both Steam and Epic Games let you check and fix broken game files.

GTA V freezes up often. Epic Games:

  • Get into the Epic Games Launcher and go to the Library.
  • Find GTA 5, click the three dots in the top right corner, and then choose Manage.
  • Press the Check button.

GTA 5 Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It Permanently

Getting GTA V to crash Steam:

  • Start up Steam and go to the Library.
  • Right-click on GTA 5 in the Library and choose “Properties.”
  • From the menu on the left, click on “Local Files.”
  • Check the security of the game files button.

GTA 5 Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It Permanently

4. Install the Visual C++ packages.

GTA V needs Visual C++ redistributable tools to run, just like a lot of other games. If GTA 5 crashes when you try to start it up, it could be because of broken or missing files. To fix this, take these steps.

  • To get the Visual C++ Redist Packages, go to the main page.
  • Click on the link to get the version of vc_redist that works with your operating system.
  • X86 is for 32-bit systems.
  • X64 is for 64-bit systems.
  • Double-click on the software package and then do what it says to do to run it.
  • Start up your computer again.

5. Increase Paging File Size / Virtual Memory

There are times when raising the paging file size memory helps a game like GTA 5 run without any crashes. How to do it:

  • If you right-click on This PC or My Computer, you can choose Properties.
  • Click on “Advanced System Settings.”
  • Go to Performance and press the Settings button.
  • Press “Change” on the “Advanced” tab.
  • Do not tick the box to manage the page size for all drivers automatically.
  • Choose which drive your Grand Theft Auto V is saved on.
  • You can change the start and end sizes to any numbers you want.
  •  Remember that the Maximum size shouldn’t be more than 4 times the physical memory, and the Initial Size should be 1.5 times the physical memory. Only then will your system be stable.
  • After putting in the numbers, click “Set” and then “Ok” to save your changes.

6. Turn VSync on

Vertical Synchronisation sets your frame rate limit to match the one on your monitor. It makes it possible for your device to run more smoothly. If your monitor can’t handle high frames per second, even if your GPU can, you might have issues like GTA 5 Crashing. Here are the steps you need to take to open VSync:

  • In GTA V, go to Settings.
  • Turn on VSync by going to Graphics.
  • After making changes, save them and start the game again.

Extra steps

Some users will still have problems with GTA 5 crashing when they try to start it up, even after using all of the fixes. If this sounds like you, try these things:

  • If you’re having problems with permissions, run GTA 5 as an administrator. To open the Properties, right-click on the.exe file that runs the game. There is a tab called “Compatibility.” Click on it and then click “OK.”
  • ❌Close background apps that you don’t need: Phones can sometimes crash when apps are running in the background.
  •  Especially with apps that make layers, this happens a lot. If you need to use one of these apps while playing GTA 5, turn off the window.
  • 💻Turn off defense software temporarily: If you can’t start GTA 5, turn off your security program. It should fix the problem. If it does, turn on security again and add the game to the “whitelist” in your antivirus software.

Let us know what tweak or fix worked best for you to get rid of the GTA 5 keeps crashing problem. Please let us know more about your problem if not, and we will do our best to help you fix it so you can enjoy GTA 5 again. 

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