Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen? 6 Ways to Fix it [100%Solved]

Suppose you see blue, green, or red Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen. So it means that your monitor is facing some serious problems. So this article, here are 6 solutions for fixing the lines on your laptop screen.

Why is There a Line on My Laptop Screen?

These lines, whether vertical or horizontal, result from many problems. Such as physical damage to the monitor or the cables connecting it, overheating of the monitor, mismatch between the screen and the selected screen resolution, incorrect refresh rate setting, or old device in most cases that cause lines on the corrupt screen. Includes drivers and operating systems. It can also be caused by bad HDMI or DisplayPort display driver issues or a system-wide error causing your screen to crash.

How to Fix Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen?

In this section, we’ve put together some troubleshooting tips to help you fix your monitor’s vertical or horizontal lines.

Solution 1: Reconnect The Video Cable

If there is a bad loose connection, it can lead to vertical lines and distorted graphics. If you reconnect the video cable, ensure the connection between the cable and the graphics card is correct. It could solve the problem. If reconnecting doesn’t fix the problem, replacing the cable with a different HDMI and DisplayPort cable might be a good idea.

Solution 2: Replace The Cable (HDMI, Ribbon, Display Port)

The ribbon cable moves data from the system’s GPU to the screen. If there is a problem with this, it can result in horizontal and vertical lines on the screen. A damaged cable may have a broken short-circuit connection, which interferes with the information displayed on the screen.

Replace the damaged cable with a newunused, and undamaged cable with a proper connection between your motherboard and the screen, and it will most likely remove the lines on the laptop screen.

Solution 3: Use Display Quality Troubleshooter

Display Quality Troubleshooter will automatically detect problems with the display driver, screen settings, or video card that can cause vertical lines. It is designed to work with different operating systems and ensures the accuracy and relevance of issues.

Follow these instructions to use Display Quality ToolShooter on your device:

  • Go to the search menu and type control. Next, click on Control Panel from the results list.
  • Then, set the view by option on the screen’s large icon in the right corner.

Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen? 6 Ways to Fix it Quickly

  • Then, choose the Troubleshooting option.
  • Click View All in the top left pane.

Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen? 6 Ways to Fix it Quickly

  • Now, click the Display Quality button.
  • Grant appropriate permission or enter admin passwords when prompted.

Solution 4: Update your Graphics Driver

An old and damaged driver can cause errors and interruptions in displaying images and graphics, causing vertical lines to appear. Additionally, updating the graphics card driver may improve system performance and resolve problems with vertical black lines on the screen.

Follow these instructions to update the graphics card:

  • Open Device Manager from the menu by pressing Windows + X.
  • Double-click on the drivers to see if any of your PC’s drivers need upgrades and take a list of them.
  • Then, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the driver that matches the requirements of the computer you are using.
  • Intel
  • AMD

The.exe files will be uploaded to your computer. Install the drivers by double-clicking on the files. Moreover, you can easily update the driver by running the driver update tool. It can also update software and drivers automatically and easily fix all driver-related issues.

Solution 5: Adjust the Screen Resolution

You can also adjust your computer’s screen resolution to see if any of your computer’s display settings are causing the problem.

Set the screen resolution by following the instructions below:

  • Navigate to your desktop by using the Windows + D buttons. Right-click the space and choose Display settings.

Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen? 6 Ways to Fix it Quickly

  • Open the drop-down option for Display resolution in the right tab and pick the suggested resolution as displayed.

Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen? 6 Ways to Fix it Quickly

Check to see how well the vertical lines on your PC have been fixed.

Solution 6: Gently Wipe the Screen with Cotton Balls

Dirt and dust build-up on the screen and inside the frame, which you can use a cotton ball to remove. Moreover, cotton can absorb moisture trapped inside the frame, leading to a screen of these lines.

Any misaligned electrical connections within the frame can be reset, contributing to the vertical black lines. This small step can often help you to solve such screen problems.

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