AMD Driver Keeps Crashing? 8 Ways to Fixed

Millions of computers around the world use AMD graphics to display and play graphics, but recently, many users have reported that AMD Driver Keeps Crashing graphics crashes repeatedly, and the computer screen goes black. This indicates that there is a problem with your GPU, and even a Windows OS update is not fixing it. Well, AMD graphics driver crashing is also a problem; it’s an old graphic card or crashes.

This article explains AMD Graphics driver problems and 8 solutions to solve the problem by following the given instructions.

Does AMD Driver Keep Crashing?

There are some reasons why AMD drivers may crash, such as:

Some applications that start to crash or not update on the PC can cause AMD driver errors. The AMD drivers are not supporting the System, and the screen appears black. Sometimes, AMD Driver Keeps Crashing gets corrupted due to GPU overclocking. This driver also gets corrupted due to incorrect or damaged cables in the System.

How to Fix AMD Driver Keeps Crashing?

Follow the instructions to fix the AMD driver.

Solution 1: Downgrading to an older AMD Driver Version

Many computer users who have problems with AMD drivers do the troubleshooting below. Here’s how to downgrade.

Downgrading to an older AMD Driver version

  • Press the Windows + R key and type Run in the devmgmt.msc box

Downgrading to an older AMD Driver Version

  • Find the corrupted AMD driver and double-click it.

Downgrading to an older AMD Driver Version

  • Click on the Driver option and then click on the Roll Back Driver option.
  • Now click on the OK option wai,t for the old version to be restored, and restart the computer.

Now run the driver again and check if your problem is fixed or not; if not, then follow the instructions below.

Solution 2: Reinstall the AMD Graphics Driver

Reinstalling the AMD graphic driver may resolve this issue. Here’s how to reinstall.

Reinstall the AMD Graphics Driver

  • Install the display driver and download the (DDU) driver.
  • Switch your computer to safe mode and run the DDU driver.
  • Change your PC to GPU and AMD driveroptionsn.
  • Now click on the OK option, and the AMD graphic driver file will be removed from your computer. Restart one with the same.

Reinstall the AMD Graphics Driver

  • Download AMD Graphics Driver Official Now. Click on the AMD Driver Keeps Crashing given here to download the driver.
  • Install this file on your computer, and the graphics driver will be installed.

Solution 3: Turn the Multiplane Overlay

Turning off multiple overlays will reduce the load on the GPU in Windows, allow the drivers to work properly, and may resolve the issue. If this does not solve the problem, some changes must be made to the computer.

  • Press Window + R together to open the Run dialog box.
  • Now type regedit and press enter.

Turn off the Multiplane Overlay

  • Next, in the window for the register, go to the following place.

Turn off the Multiplane Overlay

  • Right-click on the empty screen on the right screen. Now, click New and then D-WORD (32-bit) value. Double-click on the field and call it “OverlayTestMode.” Then, make sure Hexadecimal is selected and set the Value data to 5.
  • No, we do all the settings in it and restart your PC.

Solution 4: Change the way the Graphics Look

If the AMD graphics driver errors out or if the graphics exceed the desktop requirements, there are steps to fix it.

Change the way the Graphics Look

  • Go to your computer’s Windows Settings and find System Display.

Change the way the Graphics Look

  • After that, click Graphics. Here, you can find the program that stops the driver error from working.
  • Click on Options next. Then, choose the choice that says “GPU built in” and click “OK.” Start the app that gives you trouble and see if the problem disappears.

Solution 5: Disable Browser Extensions

Sometimes, if the extensions are overloaded in the browser, then the display hangs due to graphic driver issues and a black screen show. Here are some steps to fix it.

Disable Browser Extensions

  • Go to your browser, right and click the More icon, and you will go to Extensions.

Disable Browser Extensions

  • Close all extension apps in the extension and restart your browser once.

Solution 6: Set the  Default Clock Speed

Setting the Default Clock Speed helps lower stress on the GPU and keeps the System running smoothly. Restoring the normal clock speed creates a safe environment and keeps getting into problems or crashing.

Solution 6: Set Default Clock Speed

  • Start your System’s AMD Software.
  • Now, go to the Performance tab and click the Tuning button.
  • Then, change the CPU and the GPU’s Automatic Tuning to Default and restart your computer.

Solution 7: Repair corrupted Files in the System

Fixing system files that are broken fixes files that are broken or missing but are needed for the driver to work well. This process eliminates any possible problems and mistakes, ensuring the driver works well with the operating system and hardware parts. That keeps the computer from crashing and makes it more stable overall.

  • Open the Run command on your computer and type cmd in it.

Solution 7: Repair corrupted Files in the System

  • Now the command prompt will open on your computer; you have to type sfc /scannow the n command prompt now.

It will scan your computer 100%, fix scripted files, make your computer perform better, and fix AMD graphic driver errors.

You can perform a full scan of your computer by typing more commands.

Solution 7: Repair corrupted Files in the System

  • dism.exe /Online /cleanup-image /scan health
  • dism.exe /Online /cleanup-image /start component cleanup
  • dism.exe /Online /cleanup-image /restore health

These commands are given one by one as if a command was given and clicked.

Solution 8: Check & Clean Graphics Card

Solution 8: Check & Clean Graphics Card

Check in your System if your graphic card is working or not; if not, open your System cle and your graphic ca, rd and reinstall it. If the graphics card is damaged, install another graphics card. If that doesn’t work, try cleaning your System’s micrographics card slot and reinserting the graphics card.

Recommended Solution for Windows 10 Driver Fix

If the AMD graphic driver error persists in Windows 10, update; if that doesn’t fix it, try reinstalling it. You can fix AMD driver error by following several instructions above.


AMD graphic driver error is not a big problem,m and it is very easy to fix.. By following the above instructions, you can fix this error and get rid of it as soon as possible.
Hope you have fixed the AMD Driver Keeps Crashing error and you are using it regularly. If you face any problems, you can contact us by commenting. All the best. We’re on TelegramFacebook, and Twitter too! If you want to stay connected with us, be sure to follow us. We’d love to stay in touch!

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