[My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?] Fixed 2024

Sometimes, when trying to access some websites or log in to accounts, the message My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked appears. The error message states that the service or Website has blocked the IP address from accessing the specified service website. It may be a temporary error or due to minor reasons ranging from violating the Services and Terms to temporary problems with the Website. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy problem, and you can solve your problems by following the fixes below. Here, we have described a few shortlisted solutions [tested by experts] to unblock IP addresses.

Why My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?

When an IP address is blocked, it means that the Website has detected that your IP address is being used in a way that may be harmful to the Website or its users. Your IP address is temporarily blocked if the Website detects suspicious activity from you or maybe downgraded for several reasons.

  • Your IP address is blocked if you have violated a website’s policies or rules.
  • Some things could be improved with the Proxy services or VPN on your device.
  • The DNS address on your device does not match the Website you are surfing for.
  • If you connect to a country where the Website or Services are banned, your IP is also blocked.
  • A corrupt cache or cookies on your computer can also cause this problem.
  • Sometimes, multiple login requests can also cause problems on your device.
  • Any malware or virus on your computer system that interferes with your website pages also blocks your IP address.

How to Fix Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?

Before solving this problem, try restarting your computer and checking whether your internet connection is stable.

Solution 1: Wait a while and then connect to a different Wi-Fi network

Your IP address has been blocked due to suspicious activity, so you may have to wait a bit. Most websites reset your IP address after some time, usually 24 hours. Attempting to access the site during this time may cause the block to last longer. Switching to another Wi-Fi network would be best to avoid this. It can help you access restricted websites or services by providing a unique IP address.

Solution 2: Check If Your IP Address Has Been Blacklisted

If you are wondering how to unblock the IP address problem, then you need to check if your IP address is blocked. And can help solve the blocklist. Blocklisting can be due to many reasons, such as spamming, malicious behavior, suspicious activity, etc. Blocklisting can be identified; steps can be taken to resolve and unblock the IP address. So, check if your dress is blocked by following the instructions below.

  • Open any browser and type “What is my IP address?”
  • Now, click on IP Address.

What I do When My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?[100%Fix]

After clicking the IP address button, the Website will collect the data related to your IP address and create a report. This report will show that your IP address has been blocked. Additionally, many websites take advantage of publicly accessible IP address blocklists. Such lists collect data from various third parties, including the IP addresses of recognized cybercriminals and spammers.

Solution 3: Use a Different Device or Network

Worried that My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked? What will you do? Accessing the Website or service from another device or network may be possible if the problem persists.

Doing so can help identify the problem with your device, the network itself, or a more serious problem with the Website or service.

Solution 4: Disable or Enable Your VPN or Proxy

Some websites or services may restrict access to specific VPN or proxy services, which may create issues. If you turn off these services, we will work to fix your problem. In some cases, resetting your device’s VPN proxy services can help you fix the problem.

  • To turn off VPN services, type VPN settings on your search bar and open the results.
  • Disable VPN service in window settings and turn on/off the VPN option under advanced options.

What I do When My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?[100%Fix]

  • Press the window button and write the proxy.
  • Then, please search for the Change Proxy Settings option and tap on it.

What I do When My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?[100%Fix]

  • Turn the settings below on/off.
  • Automatically detect settings
  • Use setup script
  • Use a proxy server.

What I do When My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?[100%Fix]

Solution 5: Use a VPN

Gives you a new IP address by masking your IP address and also helps to unblock your IP address. Ignoring restrictions can help because your traffic is originating from another location. By encrypting your traffic, a VPN helps protect your data from third parties trying to track your online activities. 

  • Before using a VPN, make sure the VPN is safe and reliable, with lots of good reviews.
  • Check that the VPN is compatible with your device.
  • Finally, it should be able to ignore any geographical restrictions and ignore blocks or any firewalls that are blocking your Website from linking.

If your IP address is temporarily unblocked, the control setup should look for other VPNs like ExpressVPN.

Solution 6: Contact Your ISP

If My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked and you face any error, please get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the problem is related to your internet connection or IP address, we can provide more help. Some ISPs manually cycle their IP address with a dashboard on the app or Website. You can purchase a static IP address [for a cost] so you don’t receive a recently blocked recycled IP address.

Solution 7: Contact the Entity that Blocked your IP Address

You can reach the responsible service owners on the Website who are blocking My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked if you are sure you have not broken any rules. So you can investigate whether there is a reason why they are blocking your access and advise the owners what you should do to gain access to their Website or service.


Overall, in Windows 10/11, My IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked by request. Necessary steps have to be taken to correct mistakes. By following the above-proven solutions, you can easily fix your error and get back to enjoying the internet. Ensure you check your IP regularly and that your connection is secure. This article has listed a few solutions that have worked for many PC users to resolve the error. We’re on Facebook, Telegram and Twitter, too! If you want to stay connected with us, be sure to follow us. We’d love to stay in touch!

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